Prediction Time: writers' Week 9 picks

TORONTO — Get your popcorn ready.

The home-and-home series is something that CFL fans know well. It ran through the 2021 CFL schedule (in a pandemic-altered season, mind you) and we’ve seen it most recently with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Toronto Argonauts in Weeks 6 and 7. This week, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers put their 8-0 record on the line in Montreal against the Alouettes and then everyone heads west a week later to do it again at IG Field.

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With the fact that the Bombers have yet to have a bye week, going into the second half of the season, that does not bode well for everyone else the rest of the way.

if you accept the fact that the Bombers will lose at some point this season. this is probably the game you would offer as the proverbial sacrificial lamb. a road game against a non-divisional opponent. while the Bombers are the better team there are some intangibles that may tip the scales in Montreal's favor. a small chance the Bombers suffer a bit of a let-down after the win in Calgary. a short week for the Bombers. fatigue setting in after playing eight straight weeks. injuries although the Bombers are starting to get some injured players back. home and home series tend to be split. so I wouldn't be shocked if the Alouettes win tomorrow. with the Bombers extracting their revenge at home next week. heading into their first bye week of the season at 9-1 and fully in control of the west.

I am of the same mindset. If Redblacks protect the ball and get a few breaks they rarely get, I think they are about to pull an upset. Calgary and Winnipeg games have been the best this season and Redblacks should have split with those undefeated Bombers and are a far better team than their won-lost record.Evans is not Masoli but he is a threat to run and is getting experience with the short game to initiate some time consuming drives that can keep the ball out of Bo's hands. Redblacks in a close one.

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Could happen, I agree. I've bet twice against the Bombers this season and until they lose, I won't again. By the way, Mtl needs a coach.

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Stern puts up bulletin board material in the Bomber locker room ... Bombers romp over the Al's.

New Bo ain't the old Bo, and the Redblacks finally tasted a 'W' last week. Make that a a quad 'u' as the Redblacks win again.

Hamilton/Toronto, doesn't really matter they'll split the 4 games in 5 weeks. Flip a coin

Chris Jones makes life tougher on the current MOC (sorry Nathan but Collaros is the MOP), .....Lions still win by 17.

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A chance for redemption in Week 9 awaits, after going 2-2 last week. Here are my :top: :arrow_forward: :four: Bombers-Stamps-Argos :anchor: Lions

I think the writers are way off. I have Also over Bombers
Ottawa over Calgary
Argos over Ticats
Edm over BC

I would bet that but for the over unders, why I don't gamble, could pick all the winners and not make $

It's a suckers game, the house wins

0 for 2 so far. Good luck getting to 0.500

This team is on another level. Coach O'Shea is a Phil Jackson - like Zen master

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