Prediction Time: writers' Week 9 picks

Did not see the sense since i did not get in from the beginning

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Will give a hint picked the stamps to win every game for first six games they played...Apparently they decided to let me down on that and big time too.

… I think THAT's where a lot of us lost our shirts.

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Most of these EXPERTS again went 1 - 3 ,
I went 3 - 1 but WTF do I know ???

Mine is 19-15 but an astonishing 12 of those losses are the terrible AB twins
I dunno why but I always predict wrong with them; think Calgary will win so they lose, think Edmonton will lose so they win

Week 9 was typical (wrong on both Calgary & Edmonton games, right on Winningpeg, the Montreal game was OT so could easily have gone either way)

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