Prediction Time: writers' Week 9 picks

TORONTO — There’s a very tense scene in Toy Story 3 where Woody and eventually the entire gang falls deep down into a furnace. With a roaring fire not far from their feet, they all join hands, hooves and paws and grimly await what’s in front of them.

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Now this is what iv been waiting for.

They all have losing records it doesnt matter what they say

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They have started the week with another Bad Pick. I smelled an Ottawa win with quite a bit of confidence. (They didn't - not one).
These guys are USELESS.
If you picked the home team in every game you would be .500
Not ONE of these experts will be over .500 at the end of this week.
Who are these Experts ????

By the way I think BC and Calgary will also win (against most of these expert picks) and I think Hamilton may also lose (again against these picks).
But hey - I am not an expert, they are!! Ha Ha.

Don’t recall them ever claiming to be “Experts”… just CFL writers.

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That's very true.

And being wrong gives them something to write about. :grin:

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Yea, they kinda had a swing and a miss on the first pick

So these guys are the insight people to write for the CFL and their predictions are no better than my dog trying it out. I know it's a bit of an odd year, but if you know and watch football it really should be this hard to at least be over .500

Oh I hope you people are correct about the writers choices being wrong. I am a life long Lion Fan and had my balls busted last week….

Thank god the CFL is the only sport I really watch. Because the drama these Lions have put me through after Wally stepped down has been heart break after heart break. I don’t know how people go month after month on different sports.

If BC and Calgary can both pull off a victory this weekend I can wake a happy man on Monday. Then Calgary looses the rest lol

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I find it rather amusing on all the critics who bash the CFL writers, yet none of them has the balls to state their own record. I have no shame in saying that I sit with 13 wins and 18 losses after dropping the last 4 games ! Are their any other brave men ? Please state your case ! :angry:

Week 9 picks-Elks-Bombers-Cats-Riders for 2 games :arrow_down: :five: :zero: :zero: :interrobang:

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17-14 still not much to brag about, but I got Lions, Als, Riders and lost on Redblacks game

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Best of luck-Brave ManBravery photo

You are true fan but i do hope your team wins and the cowtown team loses 5 of the next 5

I'm smokin' ya Ace at 14-17 lol :grinning:.
Same picks as you this week.

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I've never been wrong in my life...............

     Wait...............I as wrong once, a long time ago.

CRAP, Now I've been wrong twice


Great minds think alike, or fools seldom differ. Best of luck with your picks ! :sunglasses:


Missed the first two weeks of this "pick the winners"
Even if i was to have been lucky enough to pick ALL THE WINNERS in the first two weeks I would be somewhere near the middle to bottom and not middle to top. But saving grace, the so called experts are doing worse than me. But for sure, I still enjoy every single game.

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Normally I'd say go with your heart :heart:, maybe scratch that idea. :crazy_face:


Are you too shy to share the Wins & Losses :rofl: