Prediction Time: writers' Week 8 picks

TORONTO — We head into Week 8 with a brief pause to shout out two perfect finishes in our Week 7 picks.

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REDBLACKS on a 2 game run.
Tigercats their wheels have spun.
But 2 games in 5 days - too much.
I’ll take the 'Cats this week as such.

Bad enough the team’s lost Trevor.
May be gone seemingly forever.
They offer up their new guy Fine.
On whom the Argos D-Line dine.

BC heads East to face the Elk.
Who’ve been as meh as Lawrence Welk.
The Lions lurking in the grass.
Another home loss comes to pass.

The Stamps seem to be out of sorts.
But Montreal won’t play good sports.
Stamps may be good at roping cattle.
But to the Als they lose the battle.


ohhhhh thats soooo bad but not as bad as the Ekskimos

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Welcome to the show, rr, nice to see your Lions doing well in Van. Married a West Coast girl. Spend a lot of time out there on the Island.

Sad sack stamps are going no where add on they never play well after a night with the ladies in Montreal
Als stomp stamps

Elks are still on a big downward trend. Nothing is working, let’s not pretend.
Losses at an unstoppable record breaking pace. The new low will never be broken, a disgrace.

QB Corn after 2 and about half seasons have 4/ 22 as a starting qb. Seems like an average of 2 wins per year. So, after this season, maybe an astonishing record of 6 / 30. It could be the greatest record of losing for any pro or amateur football league, a record that likely will never be broken. The Elks have the Joe Btfsplk’s curse ( Li’l Abner cartoon) and Nanook’s wrath for abandoning Eskies ( another name for a sled dog)

SSK Riders need some sure handed receivers and Elks need a QB to win games. I have commented that the Rider receivers at the beginning of the season. The active and injured receiving core have not even 10 total touchdown during entire 2022 season. Same with Elk QB.
Ottawa’s success : credit should go to Khari Jones. He pushed very hard and Dustin responded well.
Mason needs to push hard if he wanted to progress.