Prediction Time: writers' Week 8 picks

TORONTO — Sometimes when you’re in the thick of a close race, you want to roll the dice.

That’s how it’s looking for’s Matt Cauz (19-8), who trails Pat Steinberg by two wins (20-7) for the lead in the writers’ picks race.

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Hamilton's looking better and better. I can understand why the writers overwhelmingly picked them to win. Going with the Lions over the beat up Riders requires few brain cells (most hampsters could do it). Picking the Argos over the winless Red Blacks is 'Bet the Farm' material... but who the heck in their right mind would think that it's time for the Bombers to finally lose one? Pul-eeze.

I already know that the Bombers are destined to go undefeated all the way to the Grey Cup where they'll lose to the Riders as the result of a badly thought out kneel down after the last kick off. Someone driving a green and white Plutonium powered Delorean Combine from the future told me that yesterday.

So I guess it's true. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I'm somewhat surprised with a 50-50 split on the Winnipeg at Calgary game. Was thinking that it could very well be a sweep in Calgary's favour with both clubs being at the top of the league, injuries mounting for the Blue Bombers, the game being in Calgary (off a bye) and this being the Bombers 4th game in the last 5 on the road. Seems to me a perfect recipe for a Stampeder's victory. However, go Bombers.

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Well Maaax some humor in this posting is necessary for some as their team isn't doing as well as some expect. But saying that the Bombers are going undefeated the whole season sure makes me laugh. But then again anything is possible in the CFL. Lets hope we all can still laugh after Sat matchup.


It makes me laugh too (in a maniacal, super villian kind of way). :partying_face:

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Note: The "being rested" by having two bye weeks at the beginning of the year is far outweighed by "the continuity being built" by playing more games. The opposite is true at the end of the year. So I think the Bombers have a big advantage in that regard. But...


  • The Stamps secondary isn't a dogs breakfast due to injuries (yet again)
  • Jordan doesn't have the worst game of his career
  • Stupid penalties are cleaned up
  • The Stamps win by 10. Not because "The Bombers will have to eventually lose one", but because they will get outplayed by a better team.

fair point the Stamps are a good team and typically the Bombers are not as good on the road. to me the real story will be told in week 12 when the Stamps are in Winnipeg on a short week(finally the opposition is playing on a short week LOL)and the Bombers coming off a bye should be rested and a little healthier. no matter what happens Saturday for what it's worth the game in Winnipeg will be for the season series, still it would be nice to see the Bombers win on Saturday to shut up all the haters.

Sounds like Covid has entered the stamps room and
Pneumonia as well

Not like the Stamps will need Derek Dennis (starting left tackle) against the Bombers or anything! Yikes! Not having Thurman will hurt, but not as bad as missing Carey. Logan is good but too small against the Bomber front 7.

For what it's worth, I think the Stamps are like 15-3 or something against teams coming off their Bye week (weird stat I know).

Yes the Stamps got a smacking of bad luck with Dennis, Carey and Thurman coming down with an illness that is likely going to keep them out of the game on Sat. Looking like Mitchell will have to rely on many TDs instead of running plays. My hopes for a big win over the Bombers has suddenly taken a serious hit but is still alive.

No disrespect meant by this comment. Beating the bombers right now is a big win, regardless of score. Calgary has a good chance to win.

You've got one more 'IF' bullet point to throw in there...

  • IF Covid doesn't take too many starters out of the lineup (see below).

Last week 4-0 YTD 19-8

The big cats will be hunting larks.
But are those birds such easy marks?
The Als have got their act together
I think this round will got to Trevor.

The Riders now are one hot mess.
Another loss would be my guess.
Until they solve their many issues
The faithful fans should bring their tissues.

It really could be quite precarious
Ahead this week for Zach Collaros.
The Stamps are ready for the test.
And put the Bomber streak to rest.

I don't have faith in either team.
This is a quandry, it would seem.
LaPo is better than Dinwiddie
But Argos take it in their city.

Here are my :top: :four: for a tough Week 8 scenario. Cats-Lions-Stamps-Argos

Current record-22 Wins 5 Losses-82%-4,926 points-600 Streak Points
My Rank-107th

The toughest pick by far is the debut for Week 8. Both Trevor Harris & Dane Evans have trouble being bad or good for 2 consecutive games. :question: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Montreal won against a team that isn't going to win until they fix that secondary last week. They are not facing that this week. They get a much better defence.
And a better run defence. I think the writers got this pick right.

The hot mess that is the Riders will compete, until the swiss cheese oline lets their QB get pummelled. Their defence kept them from getting blown out last week but they face a better offence with more weapons this week. Lions Roar this week.

I would have called the Bombers/Stamps a coin flip until Covid reared it's head. Calgary can't afford to loose their run game and with Carey out sick, Bombers will alter the Stamps post bye week record - and not in a good way.

Toronto or Ottawa? IF Toronto gets their players back under control and doesn't allow themselves to get distracted by whats going on on their own sidelines - they can win. If not Ottawa has a real chance this week....

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Just a heads up Aceguy... "the Stamps are dealing with their own issues. Head coach Dave Dickenson telling the media the club, coming off a bye week after their loss in Winnipeg on July 15th, is dealing with at least one case of pneumonia and had several players in COVID protocol."

The Stamps IR report is not good. Meanwhile the Bombers are close to fielding the same team that beat them the last time, with only Carlton Agudosi (WR) with his twisted ankle certain to miss Saturday's game.

We'll know for certain on Friday when the Bombers and Stamps release their Depth Charts.

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At least Montreal has beaten a good Sask team (with all their starters); Hamilton has only beaten RBs and tried to give that game away.
So Montreal has the edge.
The Peg keeps on ticking....they don't shoot themselves in the foot like ALL the eastern teams consistently do. They will beat Calgary; but will eventually lose to a bottom feeder.
Riders will beat BC; as that balloon has to break. Riders have superior coaching.
RBs should beat the overconfident Argos. Lapo needs to out coach Dimwitti.

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Actually Ellingston & Jeffcoat are missing from the last time the Stamps met the Bombers. However Demski is an addition that wasn't on the field last meeting.
I'm still hoping the Stamps get the "W" and the Bombers lose their streek and begin their downfall.

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With back to back games against Montreal coming up next week I have a feeling that the streak is gonna continue. 10-0 is on the horizon.

Great game by the way. The Stamps aren't going to lose many this year. :partying_face: