Prediction Time: writers' Week 8 picks

TORONTO — Let’s just take a moment to pay tribute to the most 2021 game of the 2021 CFL season.

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What the...

There's a consensus now? All the writers are on the SAME page?!
I must mark this day on my calender. A very warm place just froze over.

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This kind of weird considering I think these games could be toss-ups. Ottawa plays Hamilton with no Banks or Evans, Sask is itching to win again & I see no reason why Tor/Mtl shouldn't be a close game.


If Ticats were up against anyone other than Ottawa they wouldn't be picked by the writers. Hamilton didn't win against Calgary as much as Calgary just didn't play football. All have to agree Stamps stunk !
Interesting that all the Writters didn't select their favourite Son ( Golden team), the Riders, over the Lions. Maybe they do realize how well the BC team has developed.

Exactly! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The Riders can steamroll anyone outside of Winnipeg and Toronto BEAT Winnipeg... so WTF?!!

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Not one of these EXPERTS has a percentage above .500
So basically they know squat.

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Which was a BAD pass.

I don't know. Mtl is 1-2 away, Toronto 2-0 @ home. Jones is running the defence now, so how much will be installed for this game? BC is 1-1 @ home, Riders lost their only away game but it was vs the Bombers. Als are 0.5 favourites & Riders 1.0 pt favourites. You'd think half the writers would take the Argos & Riders.

Sitting at 13 Wins and 14 Losses in my CFL'Pick'em puts me with the writers group. It is time to predict Week 8-Redblacks-Als-Lions to hopefully get over the 500 Club. :rofl: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :five: :zero: :zero: :clubs:

Absolutely agree

Argos should be starting McBeth,Arbuckle only limited at practice. Offensive to not start McBeth.


Reporters may have informed guesses, but they're always just guesses!

Funny how all of the writers have a losing record, so ya thanks for all of your insight

Gawd no! Where would we get our oranges from if that happened?! :grin:

Umm, yea, great pick here was it not