Prediction Time: writers' Week 7 picks

TORONTO — Week 6 in the CFL season emphasized the difficulty of trying to pick a winner.

Four of the six writers thought that the Edmonton Elks would finally pick up win No. 1 on the season and end their home losing streak. That of course, didn’t happen, as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats prevailed and prolonged Edmonton’s suffering.

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The Elks they are circling the drain.
The only “hope” - 12 games remain.
The Bombers will be fired up.
This week there won’t be a hiccup.

The TiCats coming off a win.
But now the real test will begin.
An Elk is not an Argonaut.
A lesson TiCats will be taught.

The Riders travel to the coast
Where Lions wait around to host.
Their situation is precarious.
I can’t see winning without Harris.

I think the Stamps are on the rise.
They’re good enough to beat these guys.
The rookie QB comes to earth.
The Stamps should win this on home turf.

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BC Place is filling up… Problem for the Lions, it’s with Rider fans. Then again, the Riders don’t win at home anymore so they should be fine.

It will be interesting to see how the Blue Bombers respond after giving up a huge lead in Ottawa. Normally, I would be quite confident that they will have a big bounce back game but they lost two now, and both of them in concerning ways for a team that is considered to be so good. Not to mention, they are playing on a real short week and have to think that the Elks are tired of losing and due. Wouldn’t that be something. My heart says the Bombers will come through:)

I don’t see them losing to the Elks but the way they are losing should be a concern. It was talked about to death how the Bombers took control in the final qtr the past 2 years. The worm has turned & 3 times in these 6 games, opposing teams have shut them out.

That has been their downfall. They have now been shut out in 3 of their 6 games in the final qtr.

BC Place will be loud and proud and warm. Would have liked to see Harris play. Jeez the QBs can’t catch a break this year.
Jim predicted 14 right. Not 15.
Should be (14-9) not (15-8) :slight_smile: