Prediction Time: writers' Week 7 picks

TORONTO — If you were stunned by the results of the opening game of Week 6 of the CFL season, you weren’t alone.

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Awww darn it all. According to the writers the ONLY game worth watching will be the Montreal vs Ottawa Game. All the others have already been decided. Might as well shut 'er down after Thursday and watch 'Knitting by Nancy' on PBS.


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Well a rematch from Atlantic Canada last week, but I hope will not really be a redo. Yes, I'm hoping for a really close game but without all those needless penalties and crap that occurred last week. With both teams racking up over 120 yards each, it was a sight I hope never to see again. If it starts up from where it left off last week, maybe the league should consider ejections to put the focus back on the game,

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Now that there's no consequence going into the rematch... I'm sure they'll all behave like adults. :laughing:

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Last week 2-2 YTD 15-8

This week the Als are on the road
For any team a heavy load.
It's Evans vs Trevor Harris.
The REDBLACKS this week they embarrass.

The TiCats travel to the coast
Where BC's going to be the host.
I think the 'Cats are going to stumble
As Evans gives them a late fumble.

The Elks to now just aren't quite ready.
The "progress" being slow & steady.
The winning streak will stop at one.
At this point not much to be done.

OL's part of all that's wrong.
Give me Tarzan & King Kong.
Give me minions, give me Thor
Fans can't take it any more.
Until they get this problem fixed
The Riders get their behinds kicked.


[quote="Maaax, post:4, topic:79466"]

Now that there's no consequence going into the rematch... I'm sure they'll all behave like adults. <img src="" title=":laughing:" class="emoji" alt=":laughing:" loading="lazy"

Have none of you ever saw a freakin hockey game. My dad would yell fight,even the non hockey fans in family came in to watch it. You poor people that cant deal with with a little ruckus,as if these dustups only happen in the CFL

It happens in the NFL too. Players get tossed. Hilarity ensues. :smiley:

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MTL 19 22 OTT
HAM 23 36 BC
WPG 30 26 EDM
TOR 22 34 SSK

I think SSK will pull off this week even with covid issue with there is a 3 full day practice left to go. EDM can pull off the win if no turnovers for them. OTT will make the first win of the season.

Wait till tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Fineday!

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Check it out. Whos right and whos not!

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Well done. Keep it up. Clap, Clap.

Sask has been giving us a lot of cheap sh*t play this year. It's the coach who is a shadow and envious of his brother. He'll run Fajardo into the ground to get a win. Sad really.

That would be sad.

I'm holding out hope that he lets Fajardo heal. It's time to turn things over to the understudy.

You say you are 15-8 and I don’t doubt you with your weekly poetic picks. I’m just curious as to why you don’t participate in the forum pool since you go to some trouble to make your picks every week? You may miss out on fabulous prizes.

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Tell them what they've won Johnny!


$1,000,000.00 for guessing right... whoa, hang on there. Looks like a late flag has taken the money OFF the table!

(Where have we heard that before?) :open_mouth:


Well actually I don't spend much time on the poetry. I have staff members who ask me to write little ditties for their kids' birthdays etc., like leading them on a treasure hunt for their gift through rhymes. I'm not into titles or prizes, Jon. Besides, it's not like 15-8 is great. Three staff guys up top have better records. Long odds to win. I'd rather take my chances on the Lotto or on the Jets winning the Cup. Oops, couldn't resist. No offence. :rofl:

You're hilarious Maaax. Can't stay serious with you around. My wife gets mad at me because ever since you pulled the "your pants are weird" ad, I'm been using it. :smiley:

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No offence taken. The Jets odds of winning the Cup are the about the same as the Lotto. But then again so are those of any other Canadian team unfortunately. Yes 15-8 isn’t great but it’s early and that record wouldn’t put you out of it.

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Here are my fearless picks for Week 7-My :top: :four: Als-Lions-Bombers-Argos :100: :football: :canada: