Prediction Time: writers' Week 6 picks

TORONTO — Is this the week?

We’ve seen the Winnipeg Blue Bombers climb out of the winless column, with a run-heavy, defensively sound showing against the Ottawa REDBLACKS. The Edmonton Elks sat idle on their bye week and watched as the Bombers left them alone in the cellar of the West Division.

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BC’s sudden growth makes the mark while MTL is dominating.

The key is Rushing yerds - comparing all wins Vs lost games:

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Guess what are these number for the past 5 weeks? “19, 19, 21, 22, 19” ? Number of rushing attempts by BC. Their static plans of offense could be stoppable, if one study the trend correctly?

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I got an upset in mtl
Bombers keep their momentum
Riders stop the lions
Elks continue being in this slump

Toronto… Winnipeg… British Columbia and Edmonton. I would almost bet the farm… almost.

The Argo ship has sprung a leak,
They’re spewing water as we speak.
The Alouettes win in a walk.
Right now this team is all the talk.

Both clubs are up & down it seems.
It’s hard to choose one of these teams.
Who wins I dunno, I’m confessin’
The Bombers squeak by I am guessin’.

Like the Greek force @ Thermopylae
The Lions are unstoppably.
They’re way too tough & quick et cetera.
They’ll win this week 'coz they are betta.

The Oil’s McDavid, the Elks’ McLeod,
They both know how to work a crowd.
Connor’s still searching for a Cup.
McBeth will eat the REDBLACKS up.


The Greek forces at Thermopylae inflicted severe losses on the invading persians, but ultimately lost the battle. The war itself was won at a naval battle at Salamis, where the persian fleet was decisively defeated resulting in a withdrawal of persian land forces.
Is that your prediction, that the Lions will inflict severe injuries on the Roughriders, including some season-ending ones, while losing the game. And the war, ie the Grey Cup will ultimately be won by someone else.

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Toronto will surprise Montreal. BC will beat Sask either by massive points or small points. Winnipeg will win over Calgary. Edmonton will beat Ottawa.

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Loved this response.


Hats off to you. No, it’s not as complicated as all that.:grinning:Haven’t got too many words to rhyme with Salamis & predict a win. :grinning: Poetic license. But love your response.

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“by massive points or small points”…sounds like some vacillation happening here! Could be something in between–but might depend on whether you believe great offence trumps great defence OR the other way around!

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On the other hand do you tend to win because you are running or tend to run because you are winning?

I think the answer is yes.