Prediction Time: writers' Week 6 picks

TORONTO — On the surface, it seemed like a logical pick.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers had moved to 4-0 by the skin of their teeth against the Toronto Argonauts, thanks to Boris Bede‘s missed extra point attempt. They had to pack up their stuff, haul it back to Winnipeg for a few days, then fly to the other end of the country to face a better rested 3-0 BC Lions team in Vancouver on Saturday.

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Battle of the winless (apparently affectionately known as the toilet bowl) & a battle of the lossless. And a couple of other games too. I'd have to laugh if the toilet bowl turns out to be the barnburner of the bunch. You never know.

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Week 8-1st place Stamps
So now I am tied with Pat Steinberg for the season-16 Wins versus 3 Losses. Here are my fearless picks for Week 6 with the greatest show on turf. :football: :canada:

My :top: :four: Als-Stamps-Argos-Cats

Hoping you are wrong about the Bombers two weeks in a row.


Injury heart Ottawa and Edmonton. Easy to predict on those two. I don't think Calgary or Toronto can bring away home win..... Halifax may be an away home for SSK. Emilus and Schaffer-Baker will become solid for SSK.
EDM 15 27 MTL
CGY 22 28 WPG
SSK 32 17 TOR
OTT 14 23 HAM

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I agree that the Stamps should be the underdog in this game but I'm going to pick them for the win. So far this year the focus of TSN / / 3 Downnation / podcasts and all things CFL has been on how Montreal and Hamilton blew it and how Edmonton was hurt, with basically no props for anything Calgary has done.

If Calgary loses all the talk will continue about how fantasmigorically great the Bombers are and should Calgary win, all the talk will be about how the Bombers let one get away (due to some cosmically unpredictable factor nobody could forsee).

Calgary leads Winnipeg in 21 of 26 offensive categories while the Peg leads Calgary in 14 of 26 categories. Calgary scores 9.5 more points per game while the Peg allows 4.5 fewer points per game. That leaves a +5 in the Stamps favour.

The Bombers are +11 while the Stamps are +6 in takeaways and the game is in Winterpeg so I'll take the Stamps by 3 points or less.

Go Stamps

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One other note: As with most things in football, I really think the deciding factor will be the battle in the trenches. The hogs will be a bigger factor than BLM / Colaros / Carry / Oliveira. 27-24

Watch for Calgary to go after Winston Rose with Malik Henry. Two defenders looking his way opens space for Begelton and Jordan. I don't think Bo Levi gets the 4th quarter off but this is no Bomber cake walk.

Elks have 12 on 6 game - 9 projected starters, plus Ford & Antigha on day to day. Won't be competitive for awhile. Happy bounce on coaching change for Als? I'll take Jones over Danny on a hunch against all odds.

Toss up in Winnipeg. I think Stamps end the streak @ IGF. Stamps & Bombers past few seasons have pretty much split the games. Last 2 years no more than 4 pts between them any games.

Riders have their own issues this past week but should beat Argos.

Arbuckle likely not ready. Evans vs Evans. I'll take Evans for the win. :sunglasses:Great Dane leads Cats to a win.

Probably won't happen but the Elks may just win this game. This is a team sport and it all depends on how the team does TOGETHER. Maciocia doesn't have the room (Yet, and may never). Mtl will play good but it may be for themselves, individually, and that kind of play doesn't take you far. His reasoning for stepping in is really not valid---- we saw the team as 2-7. ? Explain. He really can't. I hope Mtl wins and does well but they are not my Fantasy pick for awhile yet.

Montreal....teams typically respond well in their first game under a new coach. and it is the Elks at home after all
Winnipeg.. the Bombers will lose at some point. more specifically lose at home. but not this week in a high profile battle of undefeated teams. the Bombers live for these type of games.
Toronto...neutral site may well work to their advantage. The Riders are definitely a different team away from Mosaic.
Hamilton...flip a coin. too much uncertainty going on in Ottawa.

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Stamps wont be an easy opponent, but the idea that they'll beat the BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS with the reigning MOP and the DARK SIDE D in their own back yard is laughable.


So much talk about the Bombers but winning streaks eventually come to an end. The Bombers win streak, & home win streak, are a long way from being in the discussion all time. Stamps won 27 straight at home once. I don't see the Bombers going undefeated nor sweeping the Stamps & Riders over 3 games with each. Early days. Stamps have much better running attack & set of receivers. We'll see - I expect a good game. Stamps play well @ IGF.

I think the biggest factor in Stamps favour, is this will be the 3rd game in 11 days for the Bombers.
Still, taking any other team at IG is foolish. 21-1 in last 22 games at home.


Of course the Bombers wont be able to go undefeated for eternity. They will lose eventually. It just wont be this week🤷

When you're the two time champs that havent lost a meaningful game in over a calander year, its hard to predict them not being able to take down Beau L Michelle and his Stumps😂.

Also, BC had one of the top running games in the league until they met an elite D like THE DARK SIDE😏

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I see now where the CFL has gone wrong all these years. 'Barnburning Toilet Bowls' are a tough sell in Montreal.

They should've stuck to the 'Barnburning Bidet' model they use in European Soccer.

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Something you can take to the bank. The longer a streak goes, the closer it is to the end. Irrefutable. When it ends, who knows, but the Bombers have to win out @ home for the rest of the season to even make top 5 all-time. So betting against the Bombers is neither foolish or laughable. The last 3 games between the Bombers & Calgary played @ !GF were 18-16, 26-24, 29-28.

In those 21 wins at home, there are a heck of alot vs CGY & Sask. It might be a tall task to win out this year, but why would we need to? Only you seem to be concerned about an all time win streak.
It's be great to go another season undefeated at home for sure, but I'd be more than happy going 8-1/7-2. As long as we get to have the WF in our barn. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Absolutely. I can think of no other league with a more meaningful prize for finishing first. One win at home and you’re playing for it all.