Prediction Time: writers' Week 5 picks

TORONTO — Things may be starting to look strange around here.

On Saturday night, a 4-0 Winnipeg Blue Bombers team will put its unbeaten record on the line with five of the six writers picking against them.

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Really Calgary to win, coming off a bye week, Elks on a short travel week.

Elks can wave bye bye to any chance of a home playoff game in week 5.........Probably the worst scheduling I have seen in 50+ years of watching CFL. 12 East West games, out of which Elks have had one game.

Elks will have played 4 Western opponents before Winnipeg plays their first game against a Western opponent.........

Any Given Sunday, but yeah you’re probably right…

Last week 3-1 YTD 11-5

Though the team is getting better
There's still things to get together.
This week I will have to go
With Paredes, Jake & Bo.

Williams, Cody, Sankey, Morrow
Give them grief & give them sorrow.
The Riders LaPo's code will crack.
And overrun the RED & BLACK.

Away went Kenny, Stove & Serge
The victims of a Bomber purge.
They left because there was no dough
Without them Als will steal the show.

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OOPs. Playing Lions so last line needs correcting. Better have some coffee.:sunglasses:

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Anything can happen in any given game, that is what makes the game so exciting. The Riders should probably win but I don't believe Ottawa is as bad as their record and certainly are due for a win, but won't be easy.
Calgary, coming off a bye should get by Edmonton although the Stampeders, haven't been winning easily.
And as much as I'm hoping for a great game on the west coast in what many are calling the Main Event game, have a gut feeling that the Lions are going to win this game a lot more easily than some think. The Blue Bombers are going from the East to the West all on a really short week, have some key injuries and still haven't found their game this year with all the changes they have on the roster. Somehow, and good teams do this, they found away to win games they perhaps shouldn't have and think its about to catch up to them. Perhaps the back to back games these two teams play in October will be more of a Main Event. Calling BC in this one but will be cheering hard for the Blue and Gold.

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Here are my :tophat: :arrow_right: :three: for Week 5-Stamps-Riders-Lions :bangbang: :canada: :football:

Now that is a great picture of the BC Lions Aceguy… it’s from 2011 if I’m not mistaken :sunglasses:

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LB Watson may be the next big deal,
Hopefully like Oilers Kane's nice steal.
Danny Mac is very impatient, all right,
The season is very early, just sit tight.
The Hammer sure had lots of bad luck,
Once the trend is in, you're a lame duck.
Calgary does not deserve the Stamps, you know,
Bo should be more appreciated for his ' guong ho'.
BC Lions sure are most surprising, no doubt
Their management are improving the turnout
What is the solution to Toronto’s woes?
Maybe some one smart with lots of dough.


Do you still want the photos of the 2011 Grey Cup Lion-King :question:

Good work. Keep it up.:sunglasses:

CGY 29 21 EDM
OTT 17 28 SSK
WPG 19 24 BC
Rourke may become another Jonathan Jennings, if you watch him closely.... There is a significant different you can notice on Nathan, compare to Zach, Cody or Bo. Not sure which team is going to pick him first? SSK or WPG :slight_smile:
Sad to see Kahari leaving. Hopefully he will be back in another team next season.

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SSK should bring Mason to short yards. This will give them more options specially during play offs. Morrow should not be doing punt/kick returns. SSK should think about a injury free full season for RB.

Well the Riders acquired Mario Alford to basically be the return man so I feel like they are going to phase Morrow out of that duty for sure. As for Mason to do short yards the problem is that, when healthy, Fajardo brings a real element of danger to defenses on short yard plays. He can run the ball up the middle behind the big boys or he can bounce off a tackle or two or even roll to the outside and maybe get an extra 20 yards. I absolutely understand keeping your players healthy but having Fajardo as your short yardage QB also allows the team to have only 1 extra QB on the roster which is helpful too.

I feel like either Rose or Marshall are going to give Rourke a very, very bad night as they are both such dangerous ball hawks. Though on the other hand both can be burned very easily when they jump their routes so it will come down to how well they study the film to watch Rourke's tendencies. The one thing I will say is that, so far, BC's offensive line has not been tested by anything creative or challenging. Just typical rush 3, rush 4, or blitz. Both SK and WPG like to mix up who they bring up to the line and where they are positioned so the real test is gonna be once they start breaking through the line how does Rourke respond to big Willy's hands in his face or Robertson dropping him for a sack every 4th play.

I remember JJ's party was ruined in SSK, when Ed Gainey made 2 turnovers in a game in Regina.

ah Gainey I loved him as a DB. He's a lot like Marshall where he will play aggressively to try and jump a route and get burned, just not as often as Marshall. Pretty sure that year Gainey was intercepting everyone.

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Yes, Logically right. But then the choice of Mason is not great?? Remember WPG used Chris for rushing through defense and used him in playoffs very well.
Planning aggressive with resources will reduce the injury and that's the key for playoff victories.

Mason is not great at short yardage by any stretch of the imagination. He's Fine...that's it...just Fine.

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That was a great photo Aceguy and thank you. I was just hoping you would display a few of that great win over the Bombers before the match up this weekend in Vancouver. Just to remind Winnipeg fans that the Lions have handed them defeat in the past🍻. You are the Photo King from Thailand.

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