Prediction Time: writers' Week 4 picks

TORONTO — In the same way that the humidity in southern Ontario continues to find ways to make these final days of summer a little hotter, the tension is ratcheting up amongst the panel of writers that make the weekly picks.

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I say our defence is better then Winnipegs and i also say bring it on then

aren't these the same group of unqualified individuals who all picked Montreal last week?

along with just about everybody in the GCC

Here are my picks for Week 4-Als-Lions-Stamps. :thinking: :football: :canada:


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I think it's safe to say that the writers got it right this week with their Toronto / Edmonton picks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If Mike D thinks Calgary's defence is better than Winnipeg's I need to know what planet he lives on and what substances he is taking, and does he have any of those substances to spare? Last week Winnipeg's defence was on the field 75% of the game, had 4 sacks and forced an amazing 5 fumbles. They scored a TD and set the Bombers up deep in Argo territory for another. The Bombers inept offence, 2 major blown calls costing them 14 points and a horrible kicking game is what caused the loss, rather than the best D in the CFL. Methinks Oscar Maier will be running for his life come Sunday.

Yea, not trying to shade Calgary at all but I'd have to give the nod to Winnipeg on defense against probably anybody.

With the record that NYE has for his picks, Calgary have another win this week along with Montreal & Ottawa. LOL

Your both rush ends havent been practising this much this week so good luck with that. Calgary all the way baby

This is the third straight week that they haven't been practicing much. They still made big plays the past couple of weeks.

Oscar Maier, isn't that a wiener or an almost edible meat by-product?

I heard that Willie Jefferson loves to consume Oscar Maier. And with 2 sacks and 3 forced fumbles how wasn't Jackson Jeffcoat a CFL performer of the week?

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Especially with a name like Jackson Jeffcoat. The alliteration begs for recognition. Are the Blue Bombers brought to us by the letter 'J'?

A number of good seasons in Calgary producing a number of choke games in the playoffs and the most flighty fans in the league- horrible attendance for years, feel free to check - not the best stadium, bench seating still?? But bar none some of the worst fans in all of sport! This year will be enjoyable as we watch a meltdown!

Umm, okay ... nice way to introduce yourself to the community ... :s

(and Calgary's attendance has been strong for years btw)

I’ve been a season ticket holder at Calgary for years, your kidding yourself if you think it’s been as good as that team deserves - a ton of great fans but none of them on this site. I’m not a stamps first fan but unlike most I’ve supported this team more than any of the idiots on this page/ thread

That's fantastic. Can I get your autograph? (yawn) :\

nice of you to visit. next time dont stay so long