Prediction Time: writers' Week 3 picks

TORONTO — Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Saskatchewan. Calgary and Winnipeg, again, then BC and Toronto.

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Whew! Jamie is picking Hamilton. Thank you.

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LOL now I gotta worry because he picked Winnipeg.


Shiltz! :smiley: :+1:

I foolishly picked Montreal to win but Hamilton is way better this week with Shiltz than they were with BLM a week ago. My winning streak is about to come to an end. Thinks are definitely looking up for the 'Cats.

you can change your picks right up until pre-game

Bombers D-line’s awfully thin.
Jeffcoat out, a rookie in.
The Lions have a better D.
I think they’ll win the race to “3”.

The Als are gonna come a-courtin’
To post a win down @ Tim Horton.
No roar to date, just a meow.
But I think they can win this now.

This game I give not one iota,
'Coz Riders can’t fulfill the quota.
Too many players in sick bay
So Stamps are gonna win the day.

Until the offence starts to gel
For Edmonton it won’t go well.
Someday they’re going to end the streak.
I don’t think it will be this week.


the Lions will need more than field goals while the Bombers at home hang another forty. on a defense that shut-out an offence that would be hard-pressed to score on a top university defense.

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Every time I change my picks I lose…

**That’s why I haven’t picked yet… There are guys on injured reports that are game changers…

…and I’m confused as to how so many Riders DL guys showed up on the IR…Christmas, Lanier, and Korte-Moore are all on the list. Looks like they activated one D-Lineman so they expect two back.

There are offensive backs likely out. Olivera, and Hickson, Awachie (FB), and a raft of receivers Rhymes, Brescisin, Bagelton, Henry and Bayless.

Hamilton’s Oline looks nicked up with three guys on the report.

And across the board there are DB’s nicked up pretty much everywhere - with Gainey hitting the 6 game with what looked like a collarbone problem.

…and we haven’t seen Toronto/Edmonton as yet…

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I did not think that I would ever
See iota and quota rhyme - how clever!


I have confidence that the Ticats can win with Shiltz who has a better handle on the playbook at this stage of the season and is more familiar with almost all the receivers. BLM is still figuring things out so maybe a game on the sidelines will help. OL injuries are a concern but Shiltz is more mobile than BLM so hopefully will be able to escape any pressure although I’m not sure the Als DL is as good as BBs or Argos

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I also think that Schlitz is a better option going forward than Bo and called what I think should have been obvious from the start. The sooner you guys realize he will never be the answer the better off you will be in my opinion.

I don’t agree with the excuses being conjured up for Bo, including the old he’s not familiar with the receivers/offense yet. That hasn’t bothered Harris in Saskatchewan yet.

Be honest. With what you know now wouldn’t you rather have Harris at the helm in Hamilton than Bo? I would.

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