Prediction Time: writers' Week 3 picks

TORONTO —  The world “humbled” is one of the most frequently misused words in the English language.

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I'm predicting that most of you writers will no longer have to hang your heads in shame after this week. :+1:

I haven't even gotten to the whole article but they had me with the lede on the true definition of being humbled.

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Next week they'll give us the true definition of "Mensa" since most of them went with the obvious favorites. :grin:

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I am very surprised that all the writers have picked the Als over the 0-2 Stamps at McMahon stadium ? I'm calling this "redemption Week 3" in this shortened 14 game season. My current 3-5 record needs help-therefore I'm taking the Elks-Stamps-Bombers-Riders. Best of luck to all, and may the best team win ! :star_struck: :rainbow: :football: :thailand:


Although I'm not the only Canadian living in the Kingdom of Thailand since May of 2017. I feel like the lone CFL fan. I have lived and worked in 5 different cities-Phuket-Chang Mai-Chang Rai-Hua Hin and now Rayong, Thailand.

Cool. CFL all around the world. :cheers:

Your friends in Thailand can probably relate to our problem. We go through three hours of great CFL entertainment... and a short time later We're hungry for more. :crying_cat_face:

You know the old saying-You can never get enough of a good thing- :rofl: Regardless of where you hang your Hat ! The only football the locals are familiar with here has the name Manchester United attached to it. :joy:

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They've got affluent tastes in Thailand. Jack Grealish signed a six year deal with Manchester for a hundred million pounds. That's nearly five billion baht. That's a lot of bahts. How many years could that kind of money backroll the entire CFL? It sounds like Thailand has much in common with Toronto. You're surrounded by spoiled rich people.

By the looks of the pick board parity is still a ways away, at least in these writers opinions. Hope the games are closer than these guess's.

It's all temporary. Injuries and aquisitions will shift power rankings right up to the end. Look what happened to us late in 2019. I thought we were going to be one and done if we made the playoffs. Streveler was limping around and our bullpen was empty. Then at the last minute Kyle Walters pulled off the trade of the year to bring Colaros to Winnipeg. I'll bet Hamilton makes a move like that. Some blockbuster trade will shift the power in their favor and tighten up that Eastern Division. Ottawa's defense is amazing. Maybe they'll make a play for Macbeth if Arbuckle takes over. Four weeks from now maybe Bo heals up enough to get back on the field. Then there's all those NFL cuts looking to find a place to play. Things can change quickly in this league. :zap:

I actually think all the teams will all be pretty competitive this year but the pick board here looks really lopsided. In my perfect league all teams are pretty equal & games aren't decided until the last wave of the flag. That's my idea of Porky heaven.

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Well Steinberg and O'Leary got the Elks right.

That makes it more fun alright. I got a bit upset with the league when Edmonton (under Hugh Campbell '78 - '82) won everything five years in a row. There was no suspense... no hope of unseating these guys. The only question mark during that time was who'd finish second that year (or the next).

Whatever team Nye picks bet on the opposite team! You are guaranteed to win many $$$ !! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well with Sat games just left NYE, Cauz, Ferguson & Morris are at best 50% (and not guaranteed at that) does that give them reason to hold their head high?
Hey ! All of them got the Friday Game wrong ! Never count the Stamps out! LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The CFL writers got it wrong again this week, so far:
100% picked the Als over the Stamps
67% picked the Lions over the Elks

Just as bad as us in the VGCC.