Prediction Time: writers' Week 21 picks

TORONTO — The drama and results came in Week 20, but in terms of picking winners, Week 21 of the CFL regular season may be the toughest on the schedule to navigate.

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Too tough to pick any game this week. Nobody knows who’s sitting or starting.


Last Week 4-0 YTD 51-26

The teams are playing just for pride.
Won't see much starters either side.
To neither team this game means much.
I'll take the Lions by a touch.

The Argos have locked up first place.
There is no longer any race.
The Als would like to win this game.
I'll take the Argos, just the same.

Ten straight @ home, well that ain't nice.
Play loose REDBLACKS & roll the "Dyce".
At some point you are gonna win.
But not with TiCats comin' in.

The Riders season's gone & done.
The battle has been lost, not won.
What's 1 more loss to end the year.
The Riders' future isn't clear.


Here are my final :tophat: :arrow_right: :four: to close out the 2022 regular season. :exclamation: :four: Home teams-Bombers-Argos :anchor:-Redblacks-Stamps :lock:

You messed that up . You actually have picked 4 home teams not two and two . Both Bombers and Anchors are at home this week . What you are actually predicting is a home town sweep for this meaningless last week of the season .

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Thanks for noticing :upside_down_face: Corrected errors. :exclamation: :joy:

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NP . :grinning: Here’s hoping that my boys meet your boys in the EF in a few weeks . :crossed_fingers:

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Hey Aceguy, I’m ever so slowly gaining on you in pick E’m, I currently sit at 182… I had the same 4 picks you’ve indicated. I’m going to purposely change one game to try to catch you…all in fun. Good luck

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You know the old saying :question: Great minds think alike :rofl: or fools seldom differ :upside_down_face: Best of luck in Week 21 :exclamation:

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Montreal would be foolish to lose this regular season game with Toronto. No team in the world would want to go into the playoffs facing a team that just defeated them twice: a double embarrassment. Montreal has an easy decision to win. The question is how does Montreal win, with how many regulars, or how easily does Toronto allow a Montreal win knowing that a loss is a phycological dagger, in the confidence of Montreal, to lose the final. :anchor: :anchor: :dagger: ..

Matt Cauz is the clear prediction winner :blush: :facepunch: thi season.
I have complied a sheet who win predicting each team. I will put that up once the weekend regular season games are over.

BC-Winnipeg game is rehearsal for the west final.

MTL-Toronto game is rehearsal for the East final.

an Ottawa win may extend Bob's job to next year?

In Ottawa the Redblacks have already declared about 10 players out due to injury, Tiger Cats with fewer declared out, but guessing they will also sit quite a few players and activate practice roster players to rest starters for next weekend.

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