Prediction Time: writers' Week 20 picks

O’Leary’s in desperation mode.


TORONTO — It’s rare that a reduced offering of games can carry a lot of weight, but that’s exactly what we have in Week 20 of the CFL season.

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Based on Week 19 results.

Looks like one writer is rolling the dice to try to make a dent on the lead. Really should be no drama in any of the games.

This team’s a “Horse With No Game”. The lion doesn’t sleep tonight. Adams is on fire. A BC win puts a wee bit of pressure on the Bombers though I can’t see them losing 2.

The Riders are close to lapping the field in reverse. Why stop now? The Argos likely play Kelly for the last 2 games at least part time. There is some motivation at this point. A historic 16-2 season is very possible considering they have the Riders & REDBLACKS left. The Riders look like they lost the plot some time ago.

Should the Lions win I expect the Bombers to ensure they have the top spot wrapped up. The Elks are already looking ahead to exit interviews & warmer climes. I don’t expect the Bombers to take them lightly.


The article is wrong about Saskatchewan obtaining a “playoff sealing” win. Although a win would go a long way, Calgary still controls their own destiny and Saskatchewan is out of Calgary wins their last two games even if Saskatchewan obtains that “playoff sealing” win. Unlikely I know and unlikely either team will win this week, but a Saskatchewan win by itself doesn’t clinch or seal anything.


Is O’Leary desperate or clever ?

We shall see :eyes: There’s a little desperation in my pool picks as well.

Good to see O’Leary not following the others = let’s hope that he is right.

Anything can happen in sports but have a feeling Chris feels at this point, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by going against the odds. Wouldn’t that be something if he goes 3 for 3.