Prediction Time: writers' Week 20 picks

TORONTO — We’ve entered into a fascinating part of the season. Thanks to some inspired late-season play by teams like Hamilton and Ottawa, the playoff race is shaping up to go down to the wire.

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Perhaps someone should proof read the post before hitting “Post”. The chart shows that 4 out of 6 writers product that Montreal will win, but the comments say the other way around. Which is it folks? Some one is being paid too much money to put these things out if they can[t even read a chart.


…" product " that Montreal will win… Try spell check, but your comment is valid.

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They should hire a proofreader intern.

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TiCats know they have to win.
So the Riders can't get in.
They put Ottawa away.
This will be Dane Evans day.

It's always nice @ sweet 16,
Not for losses, but if you're a teen.
Without Cornelius they look done.
Mark their chances down as "none".

These 2 games will be a split.
For these 2 teams, well, this is it.
First place's squarely on the line.
Als @ home on Argos dine.

Just what Rider fans had dread,
Playoff hopes hang by a thread.
Seems the worst the fans did fear
Comes to bear for them this year.


How many picks will Jake the flake throw this week ??
I’m saying 4

I’m guessing that you haven’t jumped on the Jake for Mayor bus…. Interesting.

Here are my :tophat: :four: picks for Week 20. Cats-Lions-Argos :anchor:-Stamps

CFL Pick'em 51 Wins 22 Losses 70% 10,418 Points 1000 Streak Points Current Rank 170th

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99.5% sure the Stamps will be relegated to 3rd by the time their game kicks off, so the fighting with B.C. for home playoff spot will be a mute point when considering their compete level.

Most of you have no clue.


Bo will be starter if Stamps go far in playoffs, but I see Riders in Grey Cup as long as they do nothing foolish like pulling Cody

for Riders! OMG!!

no short week (last week off)
no sickness issues
no (many - as usual) injury issues

So what excuse?
But Cody is not in practice..... why? Coach says need extra time. Not sure a high school team could do this?

Respect the fans first!!!

Riders does not deserve to be in playoff in 2022

Cody was in practice yesterday, working on mental prep. But will be with first string today

Yes, he will start on this week. Its not his fault. But coaches should tell either the truth or provide the win.

Yeah. I’ve been a Riders fan my whole long life and do not think they have a hope in hell. My only consolation is that I’ve lived in BC way longer than I lived in SK so that is my excuse to finally, and sadly, shift the loyalty, at least for this year.

Whooo let’s just hold on for a minute. I can tell you are pumped for CFL Playoff Football but… there is no way that Crag, Cody and the Riders are gonna appear in the Grey Cup. Hamilton and Montreal can sill cock block them.

Plus no CFL cross over team has ever made it to the Grey Cup (I don’t believe a eastern team has ever crossed over yet) and Saskatchewan this year will not be That Team.

As a Lion Backer I don’t know if I fear Bo or Jake more in the playoffs :thinking:

No one proofreads anymore, boys and girls. That would take time...and make perfect sense. goes against the modern-day virtue of 'soundbyte before facts.'

You know the Lions must be heavily favoured when Jamie Nye actually picks them to win. His distain of the Lions and blind love of the Riders is why Nye is last amongst the writers in predictions.

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