Prediction Time: writers' Week 2 picks

TORONTO — Week 1 of the CFL season threw its share of twists and turns at’s pick makers, with some of them playing catch-up out of the gate of the 2024 season.

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The REDBLACKS usually play them tough.
But is their raw QB enough?
The Bombers I think will be surly
And put this game to bed quite early.

The young Elks have to learn to win.
The margin’s sometimes razor thin.
The Als last year had learned that lesson.
It’s not the Elks’ week I am guessin’.

The Lions O-Line took a beating.
But it’s the Stamps this week they’re meeting.
I can’t take Maier over Vernon.
To winning ways he is returning.

The TiCats came out west with Bo.
He played real well, how could we know?
Here come the Riders to the East.
Label their 1 game streak - DECEASED.


I’m confident of a Rider win now that Cauz has picked Hamilton.


If the Ticats can start fast and play smart this week they will win.


Cute–but you’ve got to say "returnin’ " don’t you think?

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Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

Als are the next dynasty deal with it.

If ticats receivers can catch the ball they would have won last week.

The question for next week is the same can they fix that problem, I think they barely lose to Saskatchewan but afterwards go on a winning streak ( Hamilton have usually started the year slow ).

Can’t argue with that. :grinning:

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Too think those lowly Saskatchewan Roughriders threw away Cody Fajardo and Alouettes Head Coach Jason Maas amongst others in the CFleague, Zack Collaros, Vernon Adams, Mason Fine, the list goes on and on throughout the years. Roughriders don’t and won’t win any Grey Cup Championship anytime soon until Riders Gm Jeremy ODay and his assembled staff hit the road and someone with the prerequisite football credentials comes in to run that organization top to bottom. Buying others rejects and dolling out ridiculous monetary contracts not conducive to winning.

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I really don’t agree with anything you said here. Every team in the cfl has a long list of players they released that found success elsewhere. They have all also signed other teams “rejects” which is how free agency works in any league. The riders built what looks like a really good team and stayed cap compliant so your claim on ridiculous monetary contracts falls flat as well.


The Riders look like a better team this year. Of course, one win doesn’t make a whole season, but they rallied from a deficit and ground out a win.


Bom80…sounds like a BB fan. You should be glad you got Collaros, and Dressler, etc. O’Day is qualified for his job, and can do it well, as long as some dufus like Jones isn’t looking over his shoulder. “Musical chairs” is the CFL theme song, but this year the Riders got the best of that craziness. If they stay healthy, they will be in the mix with BC and Wpg. But don’t bet the farm that Wpg. will repeat. I said before the season opener that they are aging rapidly, and lost key players…probably in tough just to grab 3rd.
Speaking of Jones…how does he get such respect, almost adulation, from so many? As a head coach he has an abysmal sub-500 record…and he is solely to blame, as he has been in charge of bringing in talent, trading, or axing capable players.

Last year it was easy to pick winners Toronto, Winnipeg and BC to win, Edmonton and Ottawa to lose. Anyone could get 75% of their picks right.
Nice to see some surprises this year. Your writers were 0 fo 6 on the Ottawa Winnipeg game. Will Edmonton make them 0 for 12 tonight? Probably not, but no sure things this year. Great for the fans.

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