Prediction Time: writers' Week 2 picks

TORONTO — If the opening week of the CFL season taught us anything, it’s that this might be one of the more unpredictable seasons we’ve dealt with.

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Sorry panel, Edmonton would be a heavy fave against the Als just for the fact that they have a preseason game under their belts and Montreal doesn't. Week 1 was pretty bad sloppy football all around. That's what Montreal will look like (and that's not meant as a sleight on them) while Edmonton has had a chance to get some legs, take some hits, develop cohesion under fire and evaluate their own film. If the Elks runa hurry up in the first half, the Larks D will be gassed hard. Montreal has a steep slope in front of them this week.

Never seen any team play their starting offense/defense in one quarter in a preseason let alone a whole game.

Lots of times. Some do, some don't. Chamblin was notorious for playing all his starters deep into 2nd preseason game and in 2013 started 8-1 and 2014 started 7-2, largely because his starters were ready.

Edmonton played well last week.
Coming off a loss
At Home.
Have a game under their belt.

They should be heavy favorites.

Argos McBeth never had consistency problem, that's just a line that some talking head mentioned and others followed.

Sask has to be heavy fave at home,Argos over Bombers. Rourke over Calgary

I’ll go with that… go lions

I would love to see both Stamps & Cats start 0-2.

Nobody loves my Lions...wahhh.

I DO!!!

Someone played a preseason game? News to the league I'm guessing.

LOVE this. Stuff like this is why Las Vegas - the city - exists: fools thinking they can beat mathematical odds. That's YOU CFL.CA. Some do, once-in-a-while; most don't, most of the time. NO ONE does ALL THE TIME.

Or 0-32 or whatever it is. Oh, wait, 1-32. My bad.

Was I ever wrong on that one. :confounded: