Prediction Time: writers' Week 19 picks

TORONTO — The post-season is still three-plus weeks away, but a trio of Week 19s games are loaded with playoff implications.

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As of week 18:

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A Purr-fect way to start the weekend. A mathematical shot for one to still grab a home playoff spot? Sure, if you say so. BC down to last of 9 lives in that regard. TiCats have been pussycats @ home. BC has a long haul East. Still…Lions “pride” should win out. Way more "talon"t on the roster.

Family feud. Which brother comes out on top? Another team with a mathematical shot @ the playoffs? All you need to do, Dave, is beat either BC & Wpg after taking care of the Riders - maybe both. I have less faith in the Riders (barely) than the Stamps.

If the Ticats lose the previous night, Als clinch 2nd. May start sitting guys. If not, for the 1st time in a few weeks I still like the Elks in this one.

The only ship that has been listing isn’t the one in Double Blue. The REDBLACKS wreck has been on the bottom for a long time. No treasure to be found there. Team “C” wins in a walk.

pantsonfire wins the internet comment today. “Talon’t” is my new favourite “word.” Als decide their future this week. They should be able to handle the Elks. I pick Sask. for no good reason other than I have not been impressed with Maier.

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Less than 15 seconds in the game Vernon adams connect deep in bombers territory. Extremely good first half for B.C. lets go BC. Elks too. Stamps/boatmen

“watching the Ticats and the Ticats to theirs on Saturday.”

um…what? lol

Of course, neither Lions nor Tigers have “talons”. Couldn’t slip that by you. Good eye 76. :rofl::joy:

Hope you are correct but there are so many reasons why the Riders will blow this game . Chiefly they seem to have lost interest in winning

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