Prediction Time: writers' Week 19 picks

TORONTO — Just like with the on-field action, the writers’ picks are shaping up for a furious regular season finish.

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Maybe if Rourke is ready to play (almost unlikely) then Cauz & Nye have a great chance of being right. Rourke is limited in practise so it is not for sure, and may not be wise to rush him out until play offs. Then again O'Shea might be starting to rest his vets. After all these next few Bomber games are for nothing.

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Last week 3-1 YTD 45-24

The REDBLACKS this week play at home
Where rival offences freely roam.
They hope to take the Als for two.
I say that this week "no can do".

The TiCats keep us in suspense.
The playoff battle's getting tense.
The Stamps are gaining on BC.
They should take this game easily.

There are some signs of Elk improvement.
At least there's no more player movement.
Sometime the home streak has to end.
I'll play a hunch on them this weekend.

The Lions have a lot to play for.
On 1st place Bombers shut the door.
'Coz they still have a shot at 2nd.
I'm betting they take this, I reckon.

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There is a 0% chance of Rourke playing this week. If ANYTHING, he might be ready for the last week of the season. He's only soft tossing footballs... Relax people

Here are my :top: :fast_forward: :four: picks for Week 19. Als-Stamps-Argos :anchor:-Bombers