Prediction Time: writers' Week 18 picks

TORONTO — We’re still a month and a day out from the CFL playoffs kicking off, but we’re witnessing a handful of teams shifting into playoff mode already.

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So which team is Jamie Nye actually going with in the Sask/Hamilton game? In his weekly predictor post he chooses Hamilton but in the Prediction Time post he has chosen Sask. Yeah, we get it, this one is tough to pick, lol

Unlike last week IMO there are some tough decisions here.

Argos/Elks - Elks off a break but won’t get a break. Kelly, Ouellette, McManis, Oakman et al likely in for most of the game. Elks may stay in it despite being overmatched a la BC but can’t see them winning. Argos likely lose 1 along the way but don’t see it this week.

Lions/Bombers - Bombers have edge on offence in run game. BC better on D & ST’s with Williams. Whyte best kicker in league. BC @ home so i"m on board there.

Riders/Cats - Don’t have much faith in either team but Riders have been mediocre @ home, awful on the road. Riders could lose all their games & still finish 3rd. Cats still have a shot @ 2nd. Cats should win.

Als/RB’s - May be the easiest pick. RB’s aren’t going anywhere. Als need to keep ahead of Cats. Als take it @ home.

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Analysis on predictions/predictors. I will do it one more time once Week 21 is done :slight_smile:
Each week’s prediction can use this previous data so provide an overall prediction rate. For example, prediction on HAM have different weight for Jim vs Pat…

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I don’t mind the Lions once again being the underdog. Bombers have a great team and I always worry a little when we play them… especially in such an important game. At least we are finally at home this time and Winnipeg is the Dog.

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I always worry a little with most Bomber games. People ask me who I think is going to win and I say… it depends on which Bomber team shows up to play, the one that cleans the field with the opposition or the one that just shows up to collect a paycheck.