Prediction Time: writers' Week 17 picks

TORONTO — Week 17 is finally here and while it features the top two teams in the league colliding, we wonder exactly what that matchup will look like.

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Kristina’s pulled up her game this year. Go get 'em girl!

There is an interesting fact! BC lost 4 games so far. 3 of those games are closer to the Full Moon day :slight_smile: . The 4th game BC lost was against SSK on Aug 20th - 10 days ahead of full moon.

The next Friday BC game is on the full moon day.

July 3: (Fullmoon day July 3)
Tor 45 vs BC 24

Aug 3: (Fullmoon day Aug 1)
WPG 50 vs BC 14

Aug 26 (Fullmoon day Aug 30)
HAM 30 vs BC 13

Sep 29 (Fullmoon day Sep 29)

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Interesting. I wonder if our resident werewolf has anything to do with this :thinking:.

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