Prediction Time: writers' Week 17 picks

TORONTO — After a pair of three-game weeks that proved to be quite eventful, we’re back to the usual four-game offering for Week 17. The entertainment value should only pick up from here.

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Last Week 2-1 YTD 40-21

The OL moves like "plate tectonics".
They should be in the Sunday comics.
It makes Fajardo's health precarious.
The battle goes to Zach Collaros.

Here's a word unto the wise.
The REDBLACKS just don't have the guys.
Although I've nothing 'gainst Arbuckle.
To think Nick winning makes me chuckle.

Can they beat the Als again?
Those home field losses are a pain.
Elks will beat them on the ground
And turn that home record around.

The Argos can be pretty good.
McBeth may be misunderstood.
I'll take Toronto on a hunch.
The Stamps they should beat by a bunch.

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Argos last 4 games since they last got beat by Stamps has only been against the last place RD & 2nd last place Ticats. Stamps on the other had have play Bombers (very close game) and elks (x2) BC (x2) ! Losing 2 (very close)out of 5 Western division games so I believe the advantage goes to the Stamps. But then I am a wee bit biased.

We know Cody is sensitive and doesn’t like the booze, err boos, which he will hear alot at IG, not just from the Bombers faithful. Blue win again.

Adams is Jekyll and Hyde. Last week not so good, this week ok. Even without Burnham, BC rolls.

Elks have nothing but pride and future work to play for after this week. Als D wins it.

Argos may be ok in the big smoke and soft East, but, Stamps rounding into form, will win as they covet 2nd place.

Even though he's out of luck,
Fajardo's got a lot of pluck,
His O-line's gonna REALLY suck,
He shouldn't give a flying... care?

BC's roster's looking hot,
Except their quarterbacks,
VA's bad, a 'Rourke' he's not,
Blah blah blah... Red Blacks.

The Als can beat the very best,
Then lose next time around,
The Elks will likely blow this test,
They won't be playoff bound.

Argos at Stamps... a mighty clash,
On paper it's a winner,
It's gonna be an effen' smash,
I'll watch it with my dinner. :grinning:

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Those are my picks too. If I jinxed you by saying that I apologize in advance.

Here are my :top: :left_right_arrow: :four: picks for Week 17. Bombers-Lions-Als-Stamps

Current record 43 Wins 18 Losses 71% Average 8,794 Points 800 Streak Points My Rank 194th

Will this man in photo be in the Als starting lineup versus my Elks :question:
William Stanback-1k rushing Week 14 2021

I may have to steal your blah, blah. blahs​:smiley:C'Mon Maaax. All these safe picks on here. Booorriinggg. :rofl::joy:

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That's me in a nutshell... Booorriinggg. When I talk to myself I start looking at my watch wondering when I'm going to shut up.

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[quote="Maaax, post:10, topic:81306"]

That's me in a nutshell... Booorriinggg. When I talk to myself I start looking at my watch wondering when I'm going to shut up.


I TOO talk to myself. I like a good speaker, and I appreciate an intelligent audience. :smiley: