Prediction Time: writers' Week 16 picks

TORONTO — So, how was everyone’s Week 15?

There’s an interesting aftereffect that comes with what we saw in last week’s games, where there were three heavy favourites, both among the writers and fans playing CFL Pick ‘Em that all lost (check back to last week to see what we’re talking about).

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Last week 2-1 YTD 38-20

Away from home they're 0 for 6.
The problems are no easy fix.
The Als have won last 3 of 4.
And on the TiCats shut the door.

The REDBLACKS are a team in trouble
This team is sitting on the bubble.
They haven't won at their home place.
Won't change when Argos this week face.

The Lions fortunes may be turnin'
Since they anointed their guy Vernon.
While playing in a foreign park
Will leave the Stamps an easy mark.

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The best thing about football is that the game is played on the field and not on paper and although I noticed many predicting guarantee's on last weeks picks (hopefully nobody bet the farm:) can't imagine too many going 3 for 3.

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I am not aware of one person in the entire land that went 3-3. In the CFL pool BoBo went 2-1 and I believe that no one else was better than 1-2. The best week in the NFL pool was 2-2. A week full of unbelievable upsets for sure.

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After a brutal Week 15 going 0-3, there is nowhere to go but :arrow_up_down: Here are my rebound picks for Week 16. My :tophat: :three: picks are-Als- :anchor:'s-Stamps

Current record CFL Pick'em-40 Wins 18 Losses 69% average 8,144 points 800 Streak points My ranking 265th

i’m picking Als (my gut says cats, but their forum was less than welcoming so i’ll go for the burn lol)

Lions over Stamps because reasons

REDBLACKS because Macbeth and Argos are due for a stinker and i really want Ottawa to have success and further clog up that weak ass east div. lol