Prediction Time: writers' Week 15 picks

TORONTO β€” The three-game week, much like this time of year, can whip past you far too quickly.

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Matt Cauz must not want to get too far ahead of the pack. Either that or he's taken up drinking his bath water.


I like O’Leary. He goes with his gut.
I have to wonder, though, if his picks would be the same if $$$ was a factor.

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1% chance that Lions win in CAL

The Elks are going to be a good team, a very good team, just not this week, this year. Watch out next year though.

The elks do have some promise but it may take yet another season. To many holes still in this team. Crhis Oleary thinks BC will beat Calgary in Calgary! Did he bump his head on this one. But Cauz lol no sir the Bombers will not lose that game. Some of these sports writers are out of touch with realty. But that is their job!

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Aren't the Riders 3-4 at home? Then again, who's counting.

The bad blood 'tween Cody & Chris,
Makes this a contest not to miss.
I sense an upset in the make
The moose I say this contest take.

I think the TiCats "D" with Ted
Will this week put this game to bed.
Although there's not a Cup at stake
The TiCats this game gladly take.

This week it is the first of two.
It's hard to say which team or who
Will step up to the plate this night.
I'm betting on the Red & White.


Oh yeah, for the record - Last week 3-1 YTD 36-19. Go big or go home. :smiley::rofl:

If everyone is always in agreement then that makes for a very boring conversation. Bold predictions add a spark to the conversation.

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Here are my Week 15 :top: :three: Riders-Bombers-Stamps. :football: :canada:Go ahead and bet the ranch. :closed_lock_with_key: :rofl:
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It was a nice ranch. I will miss it.