Prediction Time: writers' Week 14 picks are in

TORONTO — The theme for Week 14 in the CFL could be revenge. With the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Edmonton Elks heading to their respective homes looking for wins to right the wrongs of their OK Tire Labour Day Weekend outcomes to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders, respectively, those two rivalries head into this September weekend full of heat.

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The Bombers need to find some defensive consistency, or they’ll be paying a visit to Vancouver for the Western Final. And that’s not even a given. The offense still has the usual potency. But the defense is giving up a lot of big plays and a lot of points. That’s two games now where we’ve allowed the other team to tie the game up in the final minutes. (both Ottawa and Regina.) And then win it in overtime. I don’t think it’s age or boredom…rather, the rest of the league has improved and caught up. At this stage of the season, I don’t think any team is a walk-over. Don’t come prepared at the opening kick-off…and you’ll crawl home with the L.


Past years we were able to just shut teams down in the 2nd half. This year not only do we let teams come back (and that usually comes with some very controversial plays/calls/noncalls), but on that last drive we let the other team march into FG position waaaayyy to easily.
I could care less about the odd loss right now, though playing the WF at home has to be the goal. All I care about are the WF & GC.

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Well, controversial calls, you must be watching a different game. Winnipeg is one of the least penalized teams in the league, no disagreement, but teams playing Winnipeg draw the most penalties in the league.
I have watched the Winnipeg initiator to the massive number of retaliatory penalties, guess what, the experienced players on Winnipeg are smart players, but are no saints.
Will Winnipeg be in the WF, most likely, but the losses, other teams are simply getting better.

Craig, I know you’re a busy guy - but this is the 1st post you respond to 1 a year?
Guess what? The headbutt is a controversial play. Well you can’t even call it a play - it was a idiodic, gutless, rage release.