Prediction Time: writers' Week 12 picks

TORONTO — When you’re a regular pick maker (regardless of your success at it), you likely have an eye out for the trap game.

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Wow , only two variations on the board . Unanimous straight across except for one Montreal and one Ottawa prediction .

Not having Fajardo in the line up probably improves Montreal’s chances of wining. The Bombers D has lived, rent free, in Cody’s head ever since he became a starter.

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It’s not too hard to have a good record picking winners in the CFL. Pick Winnipeg, Toronto and BC in that order to win and Edmonton to lose - if you’ve done that you’d be 30-5 or 86% right year to date, so I’m not surprised that this week’s picks are nearly unanimous. Still there are enough close games to keep us watching (recent Winnipeg games vs. Ottawa and Calgary for example). I’ll go with the majority this week too and expect to be right on 3 of 4.

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