Prediction Time: writers' Week 12 picks

TORONTO — It’s a monumental week here in the land of the writers’ picks. Let’s start by celebrating the success of a writer that had a perfect Week 11, Jim Morris.

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Last Week 4-0 YTD 25-14

Winnipeg comes off a rest.
Are they ready for a test?
Right now I've no faith in Bo
So with Bombers I will go.

'Cats & Argos play 2 more.
Next week one more game in store.
Once again I'll take the home teams.
Best bet these 2 weeks it seems.

The Lions need to start O'Connor
'Coz for this game Rourke is a goner.
But Riders "O' is out of sync
I still will take BC, I think.

Deer or Reindeer, Elk or Moose.
Call them anything you choose.
One thing I can say for sure.
At home a win they will secure.

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I like your Dr Seuss picks I do
I think you will be right on too.


Pantsonfire i love the poems for your picks.
I think you're on.
I always enjoy and look forward to it.
Thanks for the poetry smile every week.

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Are your winners

As Lions fan, it hurts to say this but I don't think BC will win this one. In any case, it will be a bit of a test to see how much of Lions' success this year is attributable to Rourke.

Oops. selling myself short. YTD 29-14. Gotta take the wins we you get them. :sunglasses:

With MacBeth - ARGOS lose - yet AGAIN.
This guy has been cut by 5000 teams - with reason.

nyro, you may be right picking 3 visiting teams. Visiting teams have won 22 of the 43 games to date. So much for home advantage. :sunglasses:

After a :diamonds: 4-0 record in Week 11. I find the Week 12 card with a difficult debut to pick. Nevertheless here are my :top: :four: for Week 12.

Stamps-third time is the Charm :question: Plus Argos-Lions- Elks at home sweet home. :sweat_smile:

Current record 33 Wins 10 Losses 77% average 7,236 points 800 streak points My rank 97th :diamonds:

Did the 6 writers even consider the Hamilton Tiger Cats 0-5 road record in this bizare 2022 East division. :question: :rofl: My hometown :anchor:'s will sink the Cats in Round 3 :bangbang:

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Jymn, keep the faith. You may be pleasantly surprised. Look at the way Rourke started the year and there wasn't much tape on him to go by.
I wish the ALs would've kept Shiltz.
As much as Rourke has been a tremendous talent and great guy within the league, I'm hopeful this guy will take the reigns and run with it.
Besides, BC still has an excellent defense. I think they get so excited in the first quarter of games, but settle down and play their game later and stick with their game plan. That's how they've been able to deal with Calgary and Sask.
I think they'll win.

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I thought about it, for sure, but I think the Cats are overdue for a road win, and Toronto doesn't scare anyone playing at home. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto won either.

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The sherriff may be enforcing the Law of Averages this week.

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I appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm. But the Lions did not excel like the Lions with Rourke. The O-line is showing signs of fatigue, allowing injuries to two QB's in successive games. The D didn't look as sharp. But it does tell me that Rourke is everything we thought he was. He makes everyone around him look better. I love my Lions and I died a thousand deaths last night but we have to face facts. Unless Rourke returns in time to save the season, we're done.

I'm hanging in there still. If O'Connor can't return next game you're probably right, but we have 2 weeks to give our next starter a ton of first team reps. I hope it makes for a better showing, but Mont, then Calgary twice...yikes.

I'm hanging in there too for them PorkyPine.
I hope the guys will pull together and show they can be a tough team still. If not, Jymn has a point. I wonder if Rourke's work ethic and enthusiasm, also his manning up when he's come up short, is the real strength of the team. That is a true leader. Hopefully someone can step up in his absence and help make a difference for this playoff push.

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