Prediction Time: writers' Week 12 picks

TORONTO — You hear football teams talk about it all the time.

It’s after Labour Day, the weather’s cooling off and teams are trying to get hot, right now, so they can carry that momentum into the playoffs.

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"Shiltz, who put together a very nice first half against Ottawa last week." But that was against last place Ottawa. Not much of a ringing indorsement.
The other 2 Games "Ottawa vs Hamilton & BC vs Winnipeg" are pretty easy picks as shown by all writers. The real big ?? is Sask vs Calgary ! As stated about Sask. "Can they buck that trend? We…don’t know." What we all do know is that 50% of the Writers for this game are going to be wrong in their picks! I'm hoping it's Nye, Cauz & Morris.

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If everyone is 100% certain that the Lions are outmatched talent-wise, why isn't Lions' Management making wholesale changes? Da Bombers are getting better by the day. Look at all the bodies they brought in this week alone. Why do crappy team managers always stand pat like fat juicy cows waiting to become medium rare steaks? Surely they know what's coming at the end of the season. Pro Football is an incredibly 'results driven' enterprise. If an owner wants to build a great team like the Bombers he'll bring in the brains to do it.


It's only a matter of time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Doesn't matter who the receivers are, Fajardo is overrated and sucks. He will have another meltdown on the sidelines again.

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Toronto - Hamilton - Winnipeg - Calgary


Do you know what's coming at the end of the season? The Dodgers won 107 games & are hanging by a thread after getting thrashed 9-2 at home. The 15-3 TiCats aren't considered the best team of 2019, are they? Or the 16-2 Esks, or 14-2 Bombers of yesteryear. No one's awarding the Cup to the Bombers in November.

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Up your nose with a rubber hose

When will these boys learn

Yes he will, yes he will

I'm going with Bearcats

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I'm most curious about the Calgary / Saskatchewan game and looking forward to watching it. Can't imagine either of these teams not making the playoffs but a huge game as both teams hoping for a home playoff game.


Should be game of the week.
That said any of the other 3 games if have potential, especially the two that may become upsets.

Patiently waiting for rider 2nd half collapse again....

The Riders have not collapsed in the second half since week 1 (and still won that game). The past 2 weeks their big meltdown was the defense in the FIRST 5 mins, not the end.

Here are Week 12's picks-Argos-Cats-Bombers-Stamps. A slim chance of going over :five: :zero: :zero: on this crazy 2021 season. Current record 20 wins & 22 Losses :exclamation:

P.S. May the best teams Win.

Stamps not losing to the green riders money in the bank

Bombers are 3:1 or something to go all the way. Mortgage your house Bomber fans. Easy money. Right? (You're scared and you should be.) Talk later. :slight_smile:

Bombers at Stamps last game of the season. SO many excuses are already being made for the Bombers' loss. Aside from substance abuse issues, I can't wait to hear the excuses when they lose two weeks later - that is the game that will matter.

You are very correct, if Calgary gets to the Western final. Game on.:trophy:

Awesome comment. This is why its possible to have a losing record in the CFL, and make a 3 game playoff win streak to win the Cup! Highly unlikely, but there is always that chance...