Prediction Time: writers' Week 11 picks are in

TORONTO — Some weeks, you can look at the schedule and you just know. Or, at least you think you know.

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VERY interesting (especially for Cats ) :face_with_monocle:

I could see all 4 home teams winning this week

Marino is coming back. BC better make sure they protect Rourke.

Ya think?

nah, I always post without thinking :slight_smile:

My Week 11 :tophat: :arrow_forward: :four: Elks-Lions-Als-Stamps

Current Record 29-10 for 74 % 6,156 points 600 streak points My Rank 283rd
Duke-Take 4

Well Aceguy your record would be better if you didn’t bet against the Lions this last weekend… but still good numbers. I was in Calgary on Saturday so just had to go to the game and what a game it was. My finger nails came out shorter but over all had a great time. Go Lions Go


A well played low penalized game may favor the Lions. But visitors should beware as the faithful home crowd and men in stripes have the ability to swing momentum and fortune. This home and home series will be very interesting.

I'm with you all the way this week.

Last 2 weeks 5-3 Overall 25-14

At home the REDBLACKS always lose
This sad tale also for the Moose.
As so the REDBLACKS come undone
And Elks extend their losing run.

It wasn't meant to be intentional.
But Maas's "O" is one dimensional.
Add in an OL which is porous.
And BC will emerge victorious.

Sans Evans & their top receiver
In TiCats I'm not a believer.
I'll roll the dice & take a chance.
On the "Equipe" from Belle Provence.

The Argos have won 'gainst the West.
In Stamps they face a sterner test.
They just scored 40 on BC
And should secure a victory.


Best of luck with your identical picks. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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My only regret from last weekend Cam, was taking my hometown :anchor:'s at "NEVER WIN STADIUM" :upside_down_face:

I say Ottawa win this week
Bc are winning but the game will be super close
Montreal wins but it will go down to the wire like any als game
Toronto beats Calgary in overtime

Block The top receivers for the Tiger-cats are Dunbar first, and then White in season 2022.

Maybe, Sundown, but their top receiver when healthy is Bralon Addison. :sunglasses:

Laughable someone picked the riders :joy:
The green gang better get ready for 2 embarrassing and sobering butt kickings

Well Matt this weekend your hometown Argos are hosting a home game against the dazed and confused Stamps. If I was a betting man I would go Argos. Away from never win stadium lol. I hate the donut box ( as Harris would say ).

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