Prediction Time: writers' Week 11 picks are in

TORONTO —  It finally happened.

As the Calgary Stampeders worked their way up the field on Saturday night, setting up Rene Parades’ 44-yard field goal attempt, no one outside of the Stamps’ organization may have been more anxious than our Pat Steinberg.

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Calgary will win. And it should be 70-75%

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4 out of 6 = 66%. 5 out of 6 = 83%. How do you propose that they get to 75?

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The mid point between 83% and 66% is 75%. All Mike_D needs is half a CFL writer. :yum:

Or half a brain.
Same thing.

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I'm even more curious to see how he figures to get 70%. :open_mouth:

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Half a CFL writer and a scalpel I guess. :hocho:

As MikeD says: Bow Down!! (to his math skills ...) or he'll start carving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe MikeD is actually Mike Meyers... QUICK, HIDE THE CUTLERY!!! :open_mouth:

After picking all the home teams in Week 10. I will take all the road teams in Week 11-Bombers-Als-Stamps :rofl:

Come on Aceguy… not all the road teams.

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Who'd win in a fight Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees(Friday the 13th)?

Which home team do you like :question: :thailand:

and he has a pretty darn good offensive line as well :slight_smile:

They dont understand what i mean. Oh well they look dumber now lol. Ill leave it at that. Funny they try to make comebacks when im long gone but whatever makes u guys happy. Bye see yall after the game

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Mods, please don't delete Mike's posts!!

His own foolishness left here for all to see is far better punishment than any censorship. Besides, we need some comedy around here. :wink:

Still salty from your back to back losses hahahhahaa. Go ahead and talk all u want. I want u to be salty lmao its funny. Go on

A 50 old geezer cant tell me anything hahahhahaa

Check that a 50 year old fart lmao

Mods, mods please ... let me at him! Let me at him! :smiley:

I'm rubbing my hands but biting my tongue because I know you'll mod me, but I promise, it'll be clean, squeaky clean. I'll roast this guy. It will be funny. Everyone on this forum will drop in for laughs and applause. This place needs the laughs.

Green light me. :pray: