Prediction Time: writers' Week 10 picks

TORONTO — Cue the triumphant, end of a Mario Kart grand prix music: we have a 4-0 finish from Week 9.

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That BC / Calgary match is easily game of the week material. Get the popcorn ready! It's going to be either Bo or Rourke who rises in QB rankings next tuesday. I'm going with BC this time... Calgary's an angry team but BC's flush with offensive weapons right now. Their receivers are just too ridiculously talented to cover if you happen to be missing all star DB Tre Roberson.

That loud Hamilton crowd is worth at least two cans of Red Bull to their fired up Ticats. So Dane's offence is NOT going to run out of gas and stall against Toronto's defense this time. And by extension their sagging defense won't die on the field... again. I have my fingers crossed that the Argos are not going to run away with the East just yet.

Poor Montreal gets one more crack at the beat up Bombers sans Adam Bighill... but the result will be the same. Maciocia will have to find something new to blame after this one. Ellingson comes back into the lineup so Zach's gonna pile up the yardage to his hearts content. It won't be pretty. Expect a total Montreal collapse before a live audience at the 'Peg.

Then there's the injury laden Riders coming off a bye against the constantly changing Elks. That's the mystery game. I can't call it. My magic coin has picked Saskatchewan to win while Chris Jones rotates his new crop of talent in and out of the lineup. The Riders might be the first team to sneak their way to the finish line before the opposing coach looks up from his clipboard and notices.


It depends on which BLM shows up on Saturday for this to be the game of the week. If it's the one that showed up in Ottawa last week the Stamps will lose big time. If it's the one who plays a good game every so often it should be a great game. It drives me nuts that it doesn't matter how bad Mitchell plays Dickinson will not pull him and give Maier a try.

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I guess that tells us that Maier's the 'future' (in Huf's book) while Mitchell's the 'present'. That being said it makes sense that Huf would try to sharpen BLM's skillset as much as humanly possible to see how far the old guy could take them this season. I think one and done in the playoffs would be enough reason for Maier to start next season.

Personally I think Maier could easily start for all but two teams in this league, Winnipeg and BC. The passage of time will make him the starter in Calgary eventually.

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Did you flip your magic coin in a tunnel? As a Bomber fan I now always do so and think you should do so as well. The old tunnel coin flip Chief. Especially relevant with your name.

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Of course... the old magic-coin-flip-in-a-tunnel-trick. I fell for that one last week while mining for gold in my pajamas.

I don't know why I thought there might be gold in my pajamas, but at the time it seemed like a good place to look. Then my pajamas got dirty so I wisely through them in the wash. Since then I've mined over ten million dollars worth of gold from my laundry. Would you believe it? Over ten million dollars worth of gold!!!

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After going 4-0 last week I now have 28 Wins and 7 Losses on the year-80%-6,138 points-Streak points-600-Current Rank-121st CFL Pick'em :star_struck:

Here are my Week 10 picks-Bombers-Argos :anchor:-Stamps-Riders :football: :canada:

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I think any team not named bc or Winnipeg should try to make a trade for maier. Like if Toronto ended up acquiring him very few teams would be able to rival the Argos play.

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What makes you think GM John Hufnagel would consider a trade with his back-up quarterback Jake Maier :thinking: There is a good possibility that BLM may lose his starting pivot position this year, through his poor play or injury. :shushing_face:

I would not be surprised if BLM decides to retire whether the Stamps win or lose this years Grey Cup.

In my humble opinion BLM will go down in history with the best Won & Lost records off all time with the greatest show on turf. :hash: :one: :canada: :football:


We're on the SAME page here. Jake Maier is a solid QB who is flying under the radar right now and maybe that's the way Huf wants it.

It's hard to ask for a bigger contract if you're not starting. If I was Maier I'd ask for a raise in the off-season... or a trade.

Mair is a good quarterback, but part of what makes him good is the team he plays for. How has it gone for other backup Calgary quarterbacks? Arbuckle being the latest example.

Given BC scores 36.3 points per game all that needs to happen is for Paredes to hit 12 field goals and one rouge and the Stamps win 37 to 36.3!

And we're all chipping in by buy Kamar Jordan a vat of stickem' we can dunk him in.

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You have a solid point there. Arbuckle looked good behind centre in Hufnagel's system.

Yep,everybody looks good in a great system. Arbuckle the latest example

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Exactly. It's a wonder that really good players don't take a paycut to play for the Bombers and Stampeders... oh wait a titch... THEY DO!!! :partying_face:

Arbuckle looked great at Toronto which by surprise has a coached who was a Calgary assistant but afterwards he ended up going for Macbeth. Maybe Toronto makes a trade for him which imo makes the most sense

Yes, i do not think BO is past his pull date nor do I think the stamps will miss a step with the next guy in line for the QB position. HUFF has proven time and again he a great coach and even better head honcho.

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