Prediction Time: writers' Week 10 picks

TORONTO — It’s only fitting that on Thanksgiving weekend, your proverbial football plate is full, too.

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Time to shut thos writes up again in two weeks time there gonna be picking calgary

Not much doubt in the writer's minds this week. I fully agree that the Bombers are going to smoke the Elks. I also agree that a really pissed off Riders team is going to beat the Stamps into the ground. Where things might go off the rails for our writers is in Toronto where the energized Red Blacks will put up a wicked fight against Toronto. THAT'S going to be a better game than everyone predicts. Toronto probably escapes with a win but poor Montreal is going to walk into a buzz saw five days later. Ottawa's the fly in this week's prediction ointment. :grin:

I think Calgary will win again - Sask so overrated and they are having real doubts now.
I don't think Ottawa will see lightning in a bottle in the next two games - but who knows.
One thing for sure - none of these writers can hit .500
Pretty pitiful - for alleged experts.

I have all the home teams in Week 10. If there is a upset, I would take the Stamps. :sunglasses: :top: :five: :canada: :football:Ka'Deem Carey

Poor Kristina, the sole representative for half of the human race, & getting whupped by the men.

Always bet on red.

I usually do. However I lost so many fucking games to the Stamps this year in CFL Pick'em. I decided to lay low in Week 10. :rofl: It was a perfect game plan by Coach Dickenson. :100:

Quote from Writer of Article
" He could also use the help of [Kamar Jorden]and [Josh Huf] who sat out last week’s loss."
Either the Writer didn't follow CFL last week or is so fixated on the Losing Riders ! The Stamps Won when Jorden & Huf sat out! They didn't lose as the Writer incorrectly stated.

That did no happen no beating to the ground by the riders

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So true.

Great game though. I was entertained... you were too I'll bet. :smiley: :+1:

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