Prediction Time: writers' Thanksgiving Weekend picks

TORONTO — When the ball goes up in the air on Monday in Montreal — or on Friday night in Hamilton for that matter — take a moment to be thankful for football.

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Last Week 2-2 YTD 42-23

I can't believe I'm saying this.
The playoffs get a goodbye kiss.
The TiCats get win #5.
The Riders barely stay alive.

McBeth is not my cup of tea.
But Argos have a special "D".
With Oakman, Davis & McManis,
The Lions "O" will get few chances.

Cornelius is tricky to collar.
But they're now sans Kenny Lawler.
The young Elks find a way to lose,
So Bombers I will have to choose.

The REDBLACKS long have been a trainwreck.
And Als this week are dressing Stanbach.
The losing will not end I fear.
Though they made LaPo disappear.


After :diamonds: Week 16 and Week 17, I ride a :seven: game win streak into the :rainbow:. I am very surprised the writers picked the Cats 4 out of 6 :question: also the writers picked the Lions 5 out of 6. :question:

Having said that here are my fearless picks for Week 17-Riders- :anchor:'s-Bombers-Als for another :diamonds: :sweat_smile:

Current ranking CFL Pick'em 134th

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MacBeth totally Sucks - gonna sink the Argos ship.

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Well done!

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I don't get it. They keep saying the Elks keep improving! But how have they improved when they now have the sole record for most consecutive losses at home.
In the power rankings they only acheived the 6th highest ranking in week 6 and have steadily fallen since, all the way to 8 spot (only because Ottawa is just as bad otherwise they would be 9th) for 5 consecutive weeks. Isn't improving supposed to equal some wins and a climb up the power rankings?
I'm not sure who will come out with the "W' between McBeth and Adams. Both seem to have sporadic moments of success. I guess we will have to tune in to see who the Turkey is.

Probably because they are 4-4 on the road but for whatever reason they are a totally different team when they come home , it drives me insane , come playoff time that west is gonna be a dogfight and stamps can easily upset the bombers now that Bo isn’t starting

Why did you avoid the riders - tigercats game ? Remember that the Elks had no Lawler the previous 3 games and beat the Riders at home , I would definately not bring Lawler back next year for more than 175k per year

I agree McBeth sucks but the ARgo defense wins this one. I am not a fan of BC with the twit at QB. I think the elks will start coming on and make it close but Bombers hold on to awin and the close game of the week is Riders vs kittycats. The question is which team will rise to the occasion. this one is a toss up.

SSK vs TiCats
Do or die situation for Craig.
If SSK defense should be up for sure, if they want to win. Its tooo much of leaking through SSK defense.
EDM will sink with injuries. Argos not showing growth throughout the season. Argos and SSK needs more mentors to straighten the team to win.

Lawler was almost gone at the trade deadline. Bombers & Elks were in talks for a few weeks. Getting injured last game scuttled the trade. Would have been great for Bombers, great for Elks as likely asked for draft pick, great for Lawler for run @ another Cup. Would have cost Bombers nothing much at this point salary wise & he is a free agent next year. So anyone, even Elks, could bring him back. I agree he won't command the same salary but he will have a lot of suitors IMO. :sunglasses:

"The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, meanwhile, are a win away from locking up that top spot in the West as they host the Edmonton Elks. "

Who runs the league's website & how can they so consistently get the facts wrong? Winnipeg's magic number is 2, not 1. Even if they beat the Elks, since their two remaining games are vs. BC & since BC has a game in hand, if they remain 6 up on BC after this weekend, then 3 BC wins (including 2 vs. the Bombers) ties them with Wpg & they win the season series.

CFL, it's time you dedicated getting some competent people into your web editorial & public relations positions.