Prediction Time: writers Semi-Final picks

TORONTO — The wait is finally over, the CFL post-season is finally here and this week’s slate of Sunday playoff games feature two exciting matchups between teams that have played each other very closely this season.

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In that 2018 final where Harris threw 6 touchdown passes if my memory is correct, it was teeming rain whereby it appeared passing the ball would be problematic. I thought of Harris as a devil at the time to be able to easily win the game and defeat the Tiger-Cats. Now, that is a scary tale. H :japanese_goblin:rris

no rain but their was a fight ... haha

How well has Harris done since 2018 against Hamilton? Oh that’s right he hasn’t won…lol

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So the writer of this article considers it an away game for Hamilton when Sask. comes to town? I thought that only happened in Calgary and Edmonton.

5 out of 6 writers pick Hamilton? Thats it. My team is doomed.

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Said Lois Lane to Superman
That Orlando he's the man.
But Eugene Lewis wears the "S".
And Als will win that is my guess.

Be it Adams, be it Rourke,
I think that neither one will work.
To halt the run, too big a task
A win for Lions this to ask.

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Here are my first :two: picks for the East and West semi-final games on November 6/2022. I like the Als and the Stamps. May the best teams win. :bangbang:

CFL Pick'em 57 Wins 24 Losses 70% 11,828 Points 1200 Streak points Final ranking 165 th

Week 8-1st place Stamps

Begelton_Reggie-Week 8 2022

Every CFL fan loves the great story in BC. The great story started with the great new owner ,we need more owners like BC owner.

Yes Nathan Rourke a great story for sure,hard not to root for him. I will be rooting for BC,unless Bo makes an entrance for Stamps to save day. Stamps had a winning record when Bo was benched. Maier has not played better at all.

On Ham Mon,be nice for the Estate owned Als I guess,dont thing an Estate can really run a team long term,Hamilton probably will help sell out BMO Field,I am just going to enjoy some great football

I dont expect to see Adams,but anything possible