Prediction Time: writers' opening week picks

TORONTO — Football is back, with the season opener just two days away. This is, across the board, a time of rare, unparalleled optimism for everyone involved with the game.

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That's Thursday night's game on TSN!

Two big question marks on Calgary's side of the ball... has Bo Levi Mitchell healed, rehabbed or otherwise managed to hammer himself back into shape? And can he recapture that BLM magic from years gone by? That's everyone in horse town wants to find out (myself included). If not then John Hufnagel will have to make a decision. I'm hoping that Huffer takes his sweet time and lets a few games slip through his fingers by NOT unleashing Jake Maier... but it's likely that he'll act quickly so as not to fall too far behind the Bombers. He's too smart to not act decisively. Darn it all.

Finally someone's showing my Lions some love (if only against the Elk(s)). Makes me nervous.

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They deserve it. Somehow you guys wound up with might possibly be the greatest Canadian QB combo we've ever seen. If your O-line holds up the sky's the limit.


How about if the CFL experts incorporate the points line into their predictions and give some insight as to how an expert would bet. Genius sports would approve.

In addition too perhaps if not completely sold on the idea.

The Stamps at home are hard to beat.
The Als will have to bring the heat.
But 'gainst this version built by Huf.
This week it won't be near enough.

In this the 1st leg of the season,
I can't see any valid reason.
The Redblacks to come out on top.
A win for LaPo will not drop.

The TiCats' D's a fearsome lot
I'm sure they'll give it all they got.
The Rider O puts on a show
And deals the Cats a fatal blow.

Deer or Reindeer, Elk or Moose.
Call them anything you choose.
One thing we can say for sure.
This week in BC they'll endure.


Clap, clap for pantsonfire. Welldone. Think you can do it for 24 more weeks at least? I hope you give it a try.


Agree with you on Bo. But Als have their own QB issues with Vernon. Early in the season so we'll see how everything sorts itself out. This game maybe neither #1 guy finishes.

Funny year. QB questions on all the West teams. Fajardo's deep ball problems, Elks, BC well documented & your guy Zach. Has yet to start all 18 games in a season. Only guy to not play a down in pre-season despite saying early he wanted to play. Overly cautious? I don't get it. I do agree it may take a few games for Zach to iron out the wrinkles. Bombers have been idle for 11 days & Zach hasn't played.

The past few years it's been the norm that only 1 or 2 starters are healthy all year. Stamps, to me, appear to be in the best position to endure the loss of their starter. Fingers crossed that this year maybe the majority of QB 1's stay on the field.

Thank you, thank you very much.:sunglasses: I'll see what I can dod. Here's a bonus one for the Bomber guys & their threepeat & then I'll stop before you ban me forever.

Asked my fortune teller Madame Henry to forecast the Bombers threepeat chances & this is what she told me.

Hocus pocus, eye of newt
Lucky charms & rabbit foot.
Spiderman & Monsters Inc.
Will not be enough I think.

No threepeat for 'Peg I fear
This ain't gonna be their year
Rider gang will leave them blue.
This run's gonna stop @ 2.


For Thursday night,
I think you're right
The Stamps will win.
The Alouettes are just too thin.

Friday's pick is bang on too.
Bombers win. That's nothing new.
The RedBlacks fall to 0 and 1,
I hope their fans at least have fun.

I don't agree that TiCats fall,
To Cody's arm but that's not all,
They'll keep it close until it's not,
The Riders'll lose by quite a lot.

Those lucky Lions have Canuck QB's.
They're really good, they hold the keys,
To B.C.'s game at BC Place,
Will Edmonton lose this with grace?


Love it Maaax. You one upped me again. :sunglasses:

OK, it's easy to predict games but I'm curious what your predictions for the West & East are. You can leave the #1 spot in the West blank. Because I KNOW. My rankings were set after FA & pre-season didn't change my mind on anyone.

West 1. Stamps 2. Riders 3. Bombers 4. Elks 5. Lions
East 1. Argos 2. TiCats 3. Als 4. REDBLACKS

Don't like the Stamps but it is what it is. I have completely unflawed logic for my picks as always, as you know, right? :sunglasses:

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Bombers win (they win a lot),
Kyle Walters' built a juggernaut.
The Grey Cup falls to him again,
He'll get it in Saskatchewan.

Coach Mike O'Shea is really nice,
The last two years he's won it twice.
We own the Cup we'll keep it here,
A Threepeat comes to us this year.


I'm glad that you're not forcing me to make my predictions rhyme too. I'd need another beer...

Anyway here's my picks:

West 1. (you know who) 2. Riders 3. Stamps 4. Lions 5. Elks
East 1. TiCats 2. Alouettes 3. REDBLACKS 4. Argos

I have a feeling that BC might be better than everyone thinks and that Toronto might not fall apart as I predict so there's a LOT that I probably got wrong here.

It's been 8 years for Mike & Walter
Most seasons they've been known to falter
Four times they finished # 3.
Twice so far back, were hard to see.

Last season came a 1st, it's true
And yes they had one #2.
If that's how you look at success
Well it will have to do I guess.


Now cut that out! :laughing:

Seriously, I have to go outside and get something done today. Geez.

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Yeah, it's a crapshoot. Here is my synopsis on the teams. Song & Dance time. What's playing on your team's iPod???

BC "Wondering Where The Lions Are" - With their 2 young QB's, will they be the hunters or the hunted?

EDM "Hungry Like The Wolf" - "DURON DURON" & a fistful of veterans had their "annus horribilis" last season & will be hungry to show they still have it.

CAL "A Horse With No Name" - It's a No Name here, A No Name there. Huf fills in the blanks with budding stars. Giddy Up.

SK "Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie" - If they're not playing @ Mosaic Nov 30, heads may roll.

WPG "Blue Turns To Grey" - Blue skies, nothing but blue skies in the 'Peg last year but there are ominous grey clouds in the distance.

HAM "What's New Pussycat?" A Grey Cup WIN would be a novelty.

TOR "Six Months In A Leaky Boat" - The good ship Argonaut took on water last December. With the addition of some talented deck hands they should be ready for a successful launch come June.

MTL " Bird On A Wire" - The Larks high wire act with a dynamic O & suspect D will have their fans' emotions walking a tightrope.

OTT "Little Red Corvette" - LaPo's clunker has been traded in for a shiny RED sports car with standard BLACK interior. But can it navigate the potholes?

@Maaax: Hufnagel is the GM but Dickenson calls the plays and substitutions as he is the Head Coach. I am confident that if Mitchell still has problems on the field that Dave Dickenson will have Maier take over behind center. Of course knowing Dickenson he will give Bo Levi a solid chance to prove he deserves the starting role.

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I get why BC was picked over Edmonton. Chris Jones boys at home played like a high school football team against their provincial Rivals. I seriously doubt that Jones, in only 1 week, has managed to whip them into shape. Where as BC improved on their performance against Calgary and managed a win against Sask.


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To open the season of 2022-2023 I am picking all the Home teams in Week 1. Stamps-Bombers-Riders-Lions. Hope I don't get burned by not taking my Edmonton Eskimos-Now Elk ! :rofl:
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