Prediction Time: writers make their Week 7 picks

TORONTO — At its best, sport should reflect things from our everyday lives back to us. We’re starting to see something like that in our writers’ picks.

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In a perfect world:



Here are my Week 7 Lucky picks-Stamps-Riders-Als-Bombers :tophat: :four: :gem:

The only sure picks every week are Winnipeg and Ottawa. That could change if Collaros goes down or Nichols gets healthy. It's amazing how much parity there is among the remaining teams. Makes it fun not KNOWING who's going to win in advance. Must be a nightmare for the gamblers. :grin:

Glad to see these guys(notice the omission of Kristina) are picking up their game but nobody is over 50%?

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It's hard to be 'all-knowing' this year when only two teams are clearly better or worse than the others. Edmonton might fall on hard times for a while with Harris out (so that could be three teams to count on) but you never know. Sometimes backups work out better than expected. I'd hate to bet the farm on outcomes involving the other six teams. :grin:

'All-knowing' is one thing but it actually defies the odds to have this many 'insiders' below 50%. On the bright side having pretty good parity in the league makes for close, interesting games. I hate blow-outs, makes me want to turn off the game(but of course I won't)

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I'm no insider but I do have 11 wins and 12 losses in this crazy and unpredictable 2021 season. Perhaps I can apply for a real "Insider Position" ? :rofl: :thinking: :face_with_monocle: