Prediction Time: writers make their Week 1 picks

TORONTO — The start of a CFL season, whether it’s kicking off in early to mid-June like we’re used to, or 20 months after the Grey Cup was last presented, oozes of optimism. Talk with any member of any team across the league and they’ll tell you why they like their chances and that anything this season is possible. The hot summer sky they stand under right now is the limit.

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Bring it on

Do not... I repeat do not put any money into have tried to use it all day and it is atrocious...I know this doesn't have anything to do with the post, but am pretty sure we will be bombarded with ads for it this year...IT DOES NOT WORK

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I'm going to enjoy these games so much I probably won't remember them :beer::crazy_face::football::beer::football::beer:

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Oh...and go GREEN

Here are my fearless predictions for the long awaited upcoming 2021 season,for Week number one. Bombers-Lions-Stamps-Eskimos-correction ELKS ! ha ha Welcome back to the greatest show on turf, and may all starting Quarterbacks have an injury free season ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :blue_heart: :football:

107th Grey Cup rings-August 2020

Leo Cahill & Joe Theisman

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Thanks for the advice and because COVID happened… Orange is the new Green.

Week 1 Hamilton - no Harris, no Adams. Riders - Reilly plays but not 100%, no name front 4, Argos - yes, Stamps East are good, Elks - even if Nichols plays.

For the record.:


  1. Edmonton - multi PRONGED attack. Should RACK up the wins.
  2. Winnipeg - ticking time BOMB if Harris out long. Then label them 3.
  3. Calgary - OK Corral - nope. Too many stallions STAMPEDE(d) East.
  4. Saskatchewan - Commander CODY & his Lost Planet Airmen left with depleted personal guard & thinning storm troopers. ROUGH RIDE for Cody.
  5. BC - PUSSYCATS no more but no roar on D.


  1. Hamilton - These CATS have claws
  2. Montreal - LARKS singing a happy tune.
  3. Toronto - AR(e)-BUCKLE(d) up for a crazy ride.
  4. Ottawa - Color them BLUE.
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It will be an interesting 2021 season that's for sure. Week one i predict Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Calgary and Edmonton. I also predict Ka'Deem Carey from Calgary and Trevor Harris from Edmonton to have excellent (7)

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Hamilton because Bombers don't have Harris or Adams
Sask because BC will be overwelmed by the noise and Reilly is nursing a sholder
Calgary because they are Calgary and Although, the Argos have a lot of big name players, will they be a team or just individual stars. Plus Arbuckle and Dinwiddie are new to their respective responsibilities and need time to adjust.
Edmonton because Ottawa has predictable Nichols whereas Harris is more likely to throw a big game with receivers he is more or less familiar with.
Any outcome will be more or less a surprise since all teams are over a year from playing the game. And nearly every team has lots of changes in players and coaches with no preseason games to adjust their rosters.

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