Prediction Time: writers make their playoff picks

TORONTO — At the end of what might be the most unique regular-season in CFL history, the playoffs are finally here.

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There was a good point in that article. The the pressure is on the Riders, particularly Fajardo who has to live up the the hype placed on him last season. If Cody thinks he has a hard time with social media now, it will be way worse with another playoff loss.


A lot of times the difference comes down to 1.whos healthy 2.special teams 4.momentum. Specifically for the west-semi both teams are healthy .both have 2 of the best kickers and equal for punting .Suppose to be 4c on Sunday which is beautiful for football in late November. I say it comes down to Calgarys momentum of playing good ball over the 2nd half of the season vs Sask home field advantage.

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Although the Riders finished 2nd, I've never felt they were that good. There wins just seemed enough to get by, that they weren't really a dominant force. I'm not convinced they can do it.

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I'm looking forward to a couple of what should be great games. Will it be the Riders with home field advantage or the Stamps who seem to get the better of the Riders, at least recently more times than not. I'm going with Calgary in a close one.
In the East, I'd think Hamilton would have been the easy choice but they've been so inconsistent throughout the year and think this will give Montreal confidence going into Hamilton. Another close one but I'm going with the home team.

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never felt they were that good. There wins just seemed enough to get by, that they weren't really a dominant force. I'm not convinced they can do it.

I feel that way about both teams. It's just a battle of who loses by 30pts next week.

Let’s just say the west matchup is far more intriguing and close than the east matchup. While the als are the team that gives the ticats the most difficulties at Hamilton, they are also significantly weaker on defense than Hamilton. Offense imo mtl tho have a clear advantage. Qb is close but running back and receivers isn’t even close. Mtl got imo the two best receivers in the game while having the best running back as well. While also having arguably the best oline in the game. But defensively they are significantly worse than Hamilton like it isn’t even close on defense. If mtl don’t turn it over on the pass like they have done a lot this season they can win it

Stamps should win but if Bo is throwing picks we are screwed
Those 3 points the Bombers put up in the first half with their starting O was mighty impressive last week but if they think it’s a cake walk to the cup better wake up

We will

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Bo seems to choke in the cold weather games , plus bo is on the downside of his career and Maier should be your number 1 if not he will look good in Edmonton next year as the starter

Let's go Stamps! If Stamps keep their qb from running,would be a great start.

Our oline will protect Bo well. UCambre Willaims should be back at LT.... last game a rookie Canadian stared at LT ,, and we still won

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You sound like a real rider guy. Bo has done already more than your guy will ever do. Are u still hurting Bo didn't sign with you guys even though he was offered more money lol

its true,,.,,,, those 13 minutes in Feb 2019 Riders fans suddenly liked Bo!!!

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Your funny I’m in no way a riders fan , just cant cheer for Bo or the stumps

Stumps??? Is that all you got. Bo has been a great qb whether you like it or not. The Calgary Stampeders have been easily the class of the league whether you like it or not until the bombers finally won a cup after 29 years. Let's see if those bombers can match the Stamps for the last 15 years

I like the Hamilton Tiger Cats at home, and the Calgary Stampeders on the road ! May the best team win :bangbang:

Ya I guess he is ok as he has choked in 2 of 4 Grey cups and choked again in the western semi final to the underdog bombers at home in Calgary in 2019 as a heavy favorite yup that’s Bo

If Mr. Harris is on his game and with the running game second to none my money is on Montreal

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Well the guys over at 3DN have weighed in with their Semi-Final Predictions .
For what it's worth if their picks are correct for the most part it's looking like it's going to be a Ham vs Tor EF and Calg vs Wnp WF .