Prediction Time: writers' Labour Day Weekend picks

TORONTO — The biggest weekend of the CFL’s regular season is upon us and you might be able to see the tension of these games reflected in how the panel of pickers went this week.

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We're on the same page when it comes to the Labour Day matchup in Saskatchewan against Winnipeg. Team win/loss records go out the window on Labour Day. I expect a battle royale.

Montreal should also win... unless something happens to Harris since the luxury of having VA in their bullpen just vaporized with yesterdays trade.

Poor Ottawa. Calgary is looking darned near unstoppable with Jake Maier in for BLM. Even returner Dedmon with his usual one TD per game contribution can't save LaPo from yet another defeat. I'll still pull for Ottawa. I just can't pick them to win this one.

I know that Toronto can lose if they really try. MacBeth has yet to put together a full game to match last week's second half performance. It's too bad for the Cats that Dane Evans won't let Hamilton hang onto a 4th quarter lead. Still, who cares about the regular season when you're the TigerCats? They've gotten to the Cup the last two seasons in a row regardless of how badly the Argos have mangled them. I'm just hoping for a good game to watch here with no cringeworthy mistakes made by either side.

Last week 2-2 YTD 31-16

The REDBLACKS took their wins to two.
For the time being, that will do.
I do like taking Als of late.
Another loss is LaPo's fate.

Bombers stranded on the runway
Can't get off the ground on Sunday.
Labor Day's a sticky point.
Riders will defend their joint.

The Argos are not TiCats' bane.
That honor goes to QB Dane.
Without the use of Matthew Shiltz
This week the TiCat offence wilts.

Oscar Mayer is a wiener,
No, it isn't a Stampeder.
Don't mistake him for Stamps Jake.
From the Elks a win will take.


It's hard to disagree with any of that. Especially that bit about the "Riders will defend their joint."

They've always had the Bombers' number for this mashup. We've lost 14 out of the last 16 meetings. Zack Collaros on the other hand, has NEVER lost a Labour Day Classic which for us is as confusing as it gets.

On Labour Day the Bombers fall,
But Zack Collaros wins them all,
how can this be? We're always wrecked,
Except for Zack... he's friggin' perfect.


The Elks can't get any worse?,
Ha! Don't let that bubble burst.
Bo traded north, maybe.
Please, luck be a lady.
Lions making good qb trades.
Elks making more failing grades.
Bombers really luck out with Zach.
His was the greatest CFL come back.
Fans of Elks, and Redblacks, do not fear
The end of miserable year is near.


Quick... unless you specify WHICH 'miserable year is near' the football powers that be might get confused and give you ONE MORE MISERABLE YEAR!!!

Haiku #7

Third and inches
Lark sings
Read and black
Now black and blue


LAME. ....sorry.


I count thirteen syllables Paul. Join one line onto the next one and you'll have a Haiku. :grinning: :+1:

1 Like idea how they go.
Maybe I’ll try again later. Can’t believe it was that close.

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You get a thumbs up, Maaax. Like your work.

The Als" win total's only FOUR
Yet on the Bombers shut the door.
The Rider total stands @ SIX
And they've a guy who makes his kicks.

Ah Maaax, you can be so hilarious.
Can't win alone, your Zack Collaros.
Let's hope he can avoid the rush.
And doesn't end up on his tush.

He isn't "perfect" - he's lost one,
It may be 2, once the game's done.
You can't forever run on luck
You'll hear the chant - THE BOMBERS SUCK.

Best of "luck" in the friendly confines of Mosaic. For what it's worth, I don't like the Riders either. :sunglasses:

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Like that one too, Esky. Good work. :sunglasses:

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After a tough Week 12 outing-1-3, there is nowhere to go but up in Week 13. :kissing_heart: Here are my :top: :left_right_arrow: :four: Als-Bombers-Argos :anchor: Stamps :interrobang:

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There is no rhyme time in football:
Als in a close one
Bombers in a romp
Bethel beats Evans
Elks lose.


I'll stick with the Bombers.

  1. Fajardo is 2-5 versus the Bombers since becoming the starter in Regina. Has never beat the Bombers when they started their #1 QB. Both wins came against the Bombers #2 QB.

  2. Collaros is 4-0 versus the Riders since becoming the #1 QB in Winnipeg.

  3. Riders have not beat the Bombers since October 2019.

  4. pantsonfire is 6-5 when picking the winner in games involving the Bombers this year. Seeing that he is picking the Riders there is a 50/50 chance that he is wrong again.


Happy Labour Day Weekend Football Fans…

I normally keep it to myself but here is my Labour Day Wishlist.

Go Ottawa, Go Saskatchewan, Go Toronto and Go Edmonton and most importantly it’s time to Go Back To Work British Columbia.

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Enjoy the weekend. As a Bomber fan, I’m really looking forward to the 2 Lion games remaining with Calgary. Whoever comes out on top of those is coming to Winnipeg for the West Final (just my prediction). The CFL is ramping up, the fun has just begun.


That Montreal game next week against BC has revenge written all over it. If Vernon Adams Jr. is up to speed by then it might turn out to be a bad day for Danny Maciocia.

The fun has just begun indeed. The only reason I would pull for the Riders today is because the Lions have the season series and it keeps the Bombers close.

Those two up and coming games against the Stamps will be huge… wouldn’t it keep things interesting if the Lions can keep up with the Bombers and the last two meetings with the Bombers would determine first in the West. Right down to the wire…

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Interesting. I'm pulling for the Bombers because with Rourke out, I'm willing to concede 1st place to the BB & feel an urgent need to keep the Stamps & RR as far behind us as we can, & cling to our 2nd place standing for as long as possible.