Prediction Time: writers' Labour Day picks

TORONTO — It may be rare that you can pick up on swagger from a group of writers scattered across the country, but it’s there with the picks panel this week.

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Here are my fearless picks for Week 5-Als-Riders-Argos-Stamps. I hate betting against my Elks, but the Stamps coming off a loss is a sure Lock. This will be 9 straight wins at friendly McMahon stadium in Calgary !

Aceguy; I agree, good picks! Can't wait to get the weekend started.

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for me there is only one power club in the cfl , the tiger cats .
That said should the cats play like they did in montreal the argos(spit) will give the cats all they can handle and then some. Face it the boatmen are red hot and the cats are playing like they have hair balls or something .
Whiskey Wee Wee it could be a long game

Only one of these writers has a positive record? Come on guys ,pick up your game or it's the chopping block for you all! My mother could do better. My dog too!

You know, it’s one thing to constantly shove the crossbar play down our throats-(I’d like it if they went back a couple of plays to show that the game should have been done #fumble) but to say that the Bombers eked their way to the Grey Cup is ridiculous. They played 3 incredible games and deserved it. Smarten up!

I'll take the crossbar anyday. It's become my favorite fixture in Regina. Maybe this year we'll beat the Riders (and head to the Cup again) when the football turns to ice and shatters as they try a last second game winning field goal. :laughing: :+1:

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Agreed, I just love how they keep saying how the Riders have had all this time to think about it. What? How they should have already been in the dressing room :joy:

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Yes the Riders should get their priorities straight here. They should either use their time to think about how they lost the last game or GET OUT THERE and lose this one. Sheesh. Choose one or the other today please. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: