Prediction Time: writers' kickoff week picks

TORONTO — After a long, long off-season, kickoff week for the 2023 CFL campaign is finally upon us.

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And now the fun begins. Happy to see the season’s almost here.

The Stamps won’t be a gracious host
To this week’s team up from the coast.
This is the 1st game of the test.
It’s my belief Stamps come out best.

The TiCats week 1 play away.
But I think they will win the day.
The Cats defence it is for real.
A game @ IGF they’ll steal.

A win to start that would be nice
The REDBLACKS do it for coach Dyce.
The Als have had a “Maas” migration.
And that bodes well for RB Nation.

Although it’s early in the season,
I really cannot see a reason,
The Elks can’t end the losing streak.
My hunch is it will end this week.

And we’re off. It’s anybody’s guess who jumps out strong. :smiley:


BC over Calgary
Winnipeg over Hamilton, barely
Montreal over Ottawa, with Arbuckle starting. I am going with MTL
Saskatchewan over Edmonton

Jake played two series in the preseason
Dave is an idiot
BC by 14



Good Picks

For those of you who aren’t aware you can make picks that count and are tracked all season long in the annual forum GCC pool. Participation open to everyone.

Link is below:

British Columbia Lions
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Montreal Alouettes
Edmonton Elk-imos


So Jeremiah is out the 1st 2 games & so is Santos-Knox. With that info I will flip sides on the Ottawa game. SO,

Maso;i’s out, so’s Santos-Knox.
That puts the REDBLACKS on the rocks.
To get a win would have been nice.
But now I have to say - no, Dyce.

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Masoli looks pretty good in this video

Always nice to have another guy on board - even if he is a Rider fan. :sunglasses: Just kidding. So, not much faith in the Riders? What goes?

Too bad some cannot make picks due to some glitch. Contacted the CFL 5 times and as usual they don’t care enough to respond.

Lions are best,
In the far west.
Bombers can really run and throw the ball,
But with Levi MITCHELL , it’s too close to call.
Ottawa, Montreal have problems galore.
The close score and game will be bore.
ELKS finally wins on home field,
The Nanook curse is healed

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I have faith, but am a realist…they will lose in Edmonton, a place where they traditionally do not play great (although the last few years have been an exception). Just great to have the season starting…


BC Lions




Very happy to see that the Bombers are 100% favourites - Tigers win by 10!

There is nothing better predicting the opening week of the CFL and make a complete fool of yourself but its fun so I’m going to do it.
BC on the road to win in Calgary
The Blue Bombers in a close one against the new look Cats
Ottawa gets by Montreal
and think the Elks are going to have to wait for their 1st home win in ages with a close loss to the Riders.
As a huge football fan, especially the CFL, can’t wait for it to all get going this evening :slight_smile: