Prediction Time: writers' Division Finals picks

TORONTO — The Division Finals are here which means that the stakes could not be any higher for the remaining four teams.

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History will repeat itself on Saturday Nov 11/2023. :exclamation: The Argos and the Bombers will win their divisions once again in this 2023 season. :bangbang: The bigger question is who will win the 110th Grey Cup game the following week. :question:The Als looked more impressive to me than the Lions during their Semi-Final matchups. :thinking: The Stamps Defense failed to show up, :question: yet the Leos only won by a 41-30 score. :exclamation: The Stamps had to settle for 5 field goals, which is why they Lost. :football: :canada: :star_struck:

107th Grey Cup rings-August 2020
Note: May the best teams Win. :exclamation:

Agree 100% Ace! Do you like the Argos to cover -9.5 and the Bombers -4.5?

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If it indeed is another repeat of last year’s Grey Cup between Toronto and Winnipeg, I’m hoping that the Blue Bombers will return the favor and beat the Argos as underdogs. (on the other hand, I’m sure you would be hoping for a Toronto repeat) Should be fun :slight_smile:

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Assuming the Argos and Bombers bring their “A Game” :question: I predict they will both cover the point spread. :exclamation: If there is an upset, I would take the Als. :joy: :wink:

I have loyally supported my hometown Toronto Argonauts for over 45 long years. :joy: :wink: Win or Lose they will always be my favourite team :100: with the greatest show on turf. :bangbang: :canada: :football: :star_struck:

Note: I was very impressed and “Surprised by last year’s Grey Cup Outcome”:upside_down_face:

Leo Cahill & Joe Theisman

Thanks Ace Guy! Lines are up to 11 and 5, glad I hopped on early! Fajardo & VA3 vs. Swag & Collaros…nah, no upsets, lol. Enjoy the games :slight_smile:

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Hoping for a Montreal Upset out east and of course hoping for the Bombers to 4peat. However very worried that big play VA is gonna scorch the Bomber D early for some long ones. Also have to worry about him running. If the bomber D brings their A game, I like the Bombers chances

I think you experts forgot one thing. Defence wins championship !!!

No upsets ??? You all wrong !!!


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Welcome, Professor!
This thread aged, um, not well.

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