Prediction Time: writers' Division Final picks

TORONTO — The Division Final matchups are here. Four teams remain, but only two spots are available in the 109th Grey Cup.

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Last week 1-1 YTD 54-29

The Als had botched their chance for 1st,
Avenge the losses is what they thirst.
Unlike the the king in Shakespeare's play
McBeth doth rise & rule this day.

For Nathan Rourke most fans are cheering.
The Bombers soon to be appearing.
Will Rourke deny their chance at glory?
I think this day he can't, so sorry.


Well said. Myself, I would have written if I was as creative as you, “McBeth doth not rise & rule this day”.

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Writers are split on both games, makes sense as both these games could go either way but picking Toronto and my home town Bombers. One thing for sure, this result would certainly make for a lot of interesting conversations regarding Andrew Harris going up against the Blue Bombers


Here are my fearless picks for Championship Sunday, November 13/2022. Due to the fact I took the Stamps over the Lions last Sunday. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I must go with Kid :canada: Nathan Rourke who will use all his illusive skills at IG field for the upset victory. I seldom bet against my hometown Argos :anchor: therefore I like MBT and the Boatmen to :sailboat: too VICTORY. :bangbang:

Note:Once again may the best teams win. :canada: :football: :trophy:

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Any of these 4 teams has a legitimate chance at winning the Cup. If the Bombers don't win on Sunday, however...I'll be supporting a team out East. Not a big fan of the Lions, even though I like their team. I need to see another year (bigger sample size) to really access who and what they are as a group. Because I'm still not sold on Nathan Rourke.

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I’m not sold either! Personally, I think Jeffcoat & Jefferson will see to it that Rourke leaves IGF in a body bag, lol. His far too early return to the field and pronounced limp sure won’t help matters. Matt Corral suffered the same injury in pre-season and the Panthers didn’t even entertain the thought of bringing him back this year!

Fair enough, Ron.:sunglasses:

The Bombers will win the West Final. Rourke still not 100%. Toronto will take the East. Bombers will prevail in the Grey Cup game. They are just too talented with great depth, the best motivational HC since Pinball, and they have a tight culture off the field.

Update to continuing thread:

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Why no preamble to the picks this week? We want to know why 50% of writers pick BC to win. I thought more would favour the Als.

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