Prediction Time: writers' Div Finals picks

TORONTO — The anticipation is building by the day as we get closer to our Eastern and Western Division Finals on Sunday.

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Pretty sad turnout from the Rider faithful last week. Let "W"innipeg show Canada what a real fan base looks like.


True. Real nice weather too. Prediction - Stamps would have been better matchup. Not a huge Fajardo believer so gotta go with Blue, no? However, as Brendan McGuire's look at past Western 1st place finishers showed, 58% of the top clubs in the past 32 years never made it to the Grey Cup. Collaros has had less than 15 minutes playing time in last 4 weeks after being taken out with 5 minutes left in last game & sat in game 13. Wouldn't surprise me if Riders won. I like TiCats in the East, even though have little faith in Masoli.

Totally agree that anything is possible in 1-and-done scenarios. The last time the West was clinched fairly early, was the 2014 Stamps I think. They clinched quite a few games early, and then Whalloped Edmonton in the West final. But I also remember the Juggernaut Bomber team of '01 that got humbled in the GC by the underdog Stamps.


I'd be worried avout Collaros sitting for so long, if he hadn't just come from sitting out almost the entire 2019 season and going on a 4 game heater to win the cup. Another reason I'm not too worried about Zach, is that our D will keep the game close, until he gets his rhythm back on Offence. It's going to be really cold, and I beleive it will be low scoring because of the elements. And lastly, Winnipeg has an elite running game. Zach still knows how to hand the rock off to 33, and grind the the opponents into the frozen IGF field with the run game.

It's Winnipegs game to lose

Well said. I've no skin in the game so I can just watch. Whomever wins is fine by me.

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83% chance of a Bomber win. Meaning 17% the Riders win... I will take it. Mr. Stallion (Stamps) picked his team with 1000% confidence before the west semi's. My family is going to have an amazing menu for Sundays game. 83% chance we will be disappointed. 100% chance the food will be amazing and 17% chance my team wins! Go Riders! 1000% chance Mr Stallion will not be watching the game.

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You think the 30,000 in Winnipeg are all Bomber fans? Why will thousands be wearing green?

According to Sask sources a small contingent of fans will be coming to Winnipeg, but that number will not be in the 1000's

At this time it doesn’t appear that they will have anywhere near 30,000 fans. Too bad.

Why were there thousands of open seats in Sask for the West semi? It was great weather for some Mosaic magic...

The bombers will be rusty in the first half, but will ultimately win the game


I would be very surprised if Winnipeg comes anywhere close to Sask's attendance numbers last week. I'm going with 21,500 actual buts in the seats. Oh yea, forgot Sask fans heading east for the game. 22,350 will be the number IMO. For the sake of the league, I hope I'm not to high on this projection.

Short answer: Covid-19.
Attendance was great back in August/Sept. when Covid cases were low, and unvaccinated fans could attend. When Covid cases started to rise however (4th wave hit), and vaccinations became mandatory, our attendance numbers started to fall.
Been a month since the Bombers’ last home game – and attendance then was less than 23K. Hope you folks have a decent turnout, but I’ll be surprised if it’s anywhere close to a full house.

I believe there was at least 27,000 tickets sold for the western final by last weekend already based on information I read on the Bombers forum. Maybe not everyone shows up, but the support is there. If decent weather by game time that will pull in a few more, although looking not so great at the moment. :frowning: 49 years since last Western Final in Winnipeg!! Several eastern finals when Winnipeg was in the Eastern division, but a very long time for a western final. Sask going to be crushed like the Labour Day sweep. Highly doubt this team will be over confident as have won nothing yet. It's been Grey Cup or bust all season, so they still have their eye on the prize. Sask will need to play a PERFECT game to win his one. Get some turnovers and Bombers take a lot of dumb penalties.

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Toronto and Winnipeg

Thanks, super summation.

By elite running game are you referring to Roid boy ? You know the guy that missed the first few games because he knew he wouldn’t pass the drug test then back on the roids until test time came around and he was placed on the 6 game back on the roids once again then off soon enough to somehow recover from his “injury “ just in time for the playoffs.


I am picking my hometown Argos in the East Final.I will take the Bombers in the West Final. May the best teams win. :football: :top: :two: :canada:


Nice Toronto image.


There will no rust on the Bombers

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