Prediction Time: writers' 110th Grey Cup picks

Oh, I don’t know Jon, the Als played in 4 of 5, 5 of 7 GC’s as recently as their last win in 2010. As recently before the Bomber run, the Stamps played in the 3 previous & 4 of the previous 5. So getting to the GC numerous times is not unusual. The key is winning them when you get there. That’s what makes a dynasty.

The question I have about the Bombers & that’s a fair one - is the stage going to be too big for them this year again? Better make the most of it. I’m not wishing them to blow it, if that’s what you think. BUT, if they do lose, we can stop any talk of a dynasty. The Bombers will be big favourites again. They have no excuses.

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I think Winnipeg is basically a dynasty team already. Winning the Grey Cup this year would just solidify it. A team going to the big game four straight times, winning twice? In today’s volatile team sports landscape, that’s a dynasty in my book.

To be the best, you have to beat the best. Winnipeg has been the measuring stick for the whole league for a while. Give them their flowers.


There were no excuses last year and there won’t be this year if they lose. To their credit, the Bombers don’t work that way.

Close games like the last two Grey Cups are decided by a variety of things such as a big offensive or defensive or special teams play, experience, luck, turnnovers, penalties and bad penalties/missed calls by the officials, having a Shankopotomous for a kicker and kneeling to pray for a win a little early. You never know which play will cost you the most or put you over the top in a big game.

I just have a feeling that this game won’t be very close and if I’m right none of these things will matter. I could be wrong.

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The Bombers will not commit 9 turnovers against the Al’s. That was the difference in the East Final. Bomber’s have depth at receiver and linebacker in the event that Schoen and / or Bighill can’t play. Bombers have dominated Fajardo since his days in Saskatchewan and you can expect that to continue this Sunday. The Bombers are also hungry after last years loss. The fact that three of the writers picked Montreal is simply wishful thinking


Liking your opinions so far. Welcome to the forum.

I agree with your synopsis. And three writers picking Montreal may simply be Bomber fatigue, some might say.

For me, other than the clear fan bias, I think because of last year disappointing collapse it’s easier to pick Winnipeg to not implode and come out motivated. I don’t think the score will necessarily show blowout but I could see it really be the score flattered Montreal.

Can’t wait for this game when all the speculation is done and the actual game is played! Will be a good one!

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Will be at the game and looking forward to another great Grey Cup. I expect the crowd will largely be cheering for the Als, the world loves a Cinderella story!

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This will be a cup to forget and will be over long before halftime
This league needs parity desperately as interest dwindles
I’ll be in beautiful Banff and won’t see a minute and that’s ok :+1:

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Sometimes an underdog team has a very emotional win, then is spent and finds it hard to get up for the following week’s game. Can the Als muster that same emotion this Sunday, and cause another upset?

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Based n the stats…
From the regular season stats both MTL and WPG scors 12.833 and
from the playoff stats MTL has 2.667 and WPG gets 2.0
Looks like the MTL defence is nasty :skull:
If Zach can throw 250 yds they can make it.


And you were right! Kudos to you!

I’m sorry, what was that? LOL

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Yup, that aged well