Prediction Time: writers' 110th Grey Cup picks

HAMILTON — The 110th Grey Cup is upon us, but in the tiny world of the writers’ picks group, we already have a winner.

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Sometimes an underdog team has a very emotional win, then is spent and finds it hard to get up for the following week’s game. Can the Als muster that same emotion this Sunday, and cause another upset?



These teams combined for a 22-50 record. Even adding the greatest team ever to play CFL football 2023 Argos (not), you have teams with an overall record of 38-52. Nothing really too impressive. MTL averaged 10pts per game against the Bombers in 2023, and have Cody Fajardo as their QB. If 10 pts will win on Sunday then the Al’s deserve it. The only problem with this is they’re going to need 38 as the Bombers will put up a 37. #1 and #2 defenses playing, but these gurus have forgotten who was #1. Bombers by 27

GTFOH with this dynasty crap

Let me take a wild guess… You’re a Rider fan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Considering how well Montreal has done the last part of the season and their domination over the Argos, not surprising it’s a 50-50 prediction… Each team has great motivations going for them… only time will tell if it’s a Cinderella story for the Als or a continuation of the dominance of the Bombers… I for one will be cheering for the latter.


The split decision by the experts(?) is meaningful. When it comes to the Grey Cup - anything goes. The past season’s record means very little - it will boil down to weather, injuries and who is hot on game day and who comes up flat? Either way, we all know it will be a great game.

Couldn’t agree more. Montreal had a very emotional win over Toronto and it can take a lot out of a team. Still think they will come out fired up but could be in trouble if they fall behind quickly. Have to think they will have their hands full especially considering that Winnipeg isn’t all that happy how things ended last year and should be very motivated. Hope for a great game but sure hoping for the Blue Bombers to come out on top

I’ve been called worse. No, I am not a riders fan.

Remember that the “experts” you are referring to are only experts among the writers. The real “experts” are those in our forum CFL Pool. Four of them have a better record than any of the writers and a couple dozen or so have a better record than some or many of the writers.

So far all but 3 in the pool have predicted a Winnipeg victory, including the top two finalists (full disclosure- they are both Bomber fans). I have the Bombers winning 37-13.

Of course anyone can win any one game so I am well aware that a Bomber victory isn’t a given, but I think they will win handily because:

  • Zach is pumped and motivated to avenge his relatively poor performance and loss in last year’s Grey Cup. The last time he and his teammates were this pumped they pounded the Riders 51-6.

  • The score in their victory over BC last week flattered the Lions. The Bombers pretty much dominated. Sergio missed two usually automatic field goals and BC scored a fluke TD on a Hail Mary. The Bombers also likely could have scored a late TD had they chosen to do so. If the Bombers had won by 20-30 that would have been more indicative of the play. Nine sacks is obscene. Many fans focus on Zach and other elements of the Bombers being the most important. I said before last game that Jeffersoncoat would be the most important factor and indeed it was. They are both motivated and healthy. Montreal no doubt has a very good defence but I don’t think it can be considered as good as the Bombers defence and indeed statistically it isn’t.

  • Montreal was dominated by the Bombers in the regular season, although that certainly doesn’t mean that will automatically happen again. I have no doubt Montreal’s defence will play very well against the league’s best offense, but I would be very concerned about Montreal’s offence this week if I were a Montreal fan. They certainly didn’t overwhelm last week and only scored 6 points against the Bombers this year, three per game. Fajardo will have to operate with minimal time in the pocket and get rid of the ball quickly, not something he is exactly known for. Winnipeg sacked Adams nine times and he is far more elusive than Fajardo. If Cody can’t get rid of the ball quickly it could get ugly.

For what it is worth that is my take. I recognize that Montreal could win but a lot would have to go right for that to happen, including the Bombers turning the ball over and/or taking critical penalties and Cody having the game of his life.

Edit: I have no idea why the last paragraph came out in bold but I’ll leave it as is.


This year’s 110th Grey Cup game is a very easy pick for me. :wink: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers 14-4 versus the Montreal Alouettes 11-7. :100: In order for the Als to upset the mighty Bombers, they must control these 3 areas: :question:

Time of possession
Turnover battle
Special teams play

The Bombers will win the battle of the “Trenches” :bangbang: Although I will be cheering for the Als, due to the fact they destroyed my :anchor:'s last week. My final bold prediction for the 2023 season is this. :star_struck: Final Score Bombers 27 Als 13 :canada: :football:

Note: May the best team Win. :bangbang:


Deja vu. Lot of people ate crow last year predicting a Bomber blowout. The hottest team in the 2nd half last season was the Argos & they carried that through the regular season this year. The hottest team this year - the Alouettes. Can an 11 win team take down a 14 win team? That argument is moot. Three 11 win teams won the last 3 Cups. An 11 game winner took down a 15 win club last year & a 16 win club already this year.

I’m a bit surprised that the top 2 in predictions would both take Montreal. In a fight for the top spot why wouldn’t one of Kristina or Jamie take Winnipeg - that’s the safe bet. I’m likely not watching the game but I confidently picked the Argos last year. This year? I really have to go with the Bombers. Nothing would surprise me but…Fajardo over Collaros? That is a hard one to see.

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I may be an Als fan, but i completely agree with your take, for the reasons you give.

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Very well said :wink:-Let’s hope they give us another thrilling Grey Cup-2023 Edition. :100: :question: :exclamation:

Don’t have to be a Rider fan. I’m okay with calling the 3 in 4 years a kinda dynasty. Funny with all the hype the Bomber crowd tries to push the dynasty angle, not a peep about the great Bud Grant teams which won 4 of 5 & played in 6 GC’s. What happens if they lose AGAIN? That changes the conversation entirely. Now you’re looking at a team with TWO shots staring at greatness & blowing it. So get it done.

They have a long ways to go to compare to the EE squads. 1973-1987 - 12 GC appearances in 15 years, 7 wins. There are dynasties & there are dynasties.

As I have said many times, apples and oranges.

The Bud Grant and Edmonton dynasties came during a time when the CFL was either on par with the NFL or at least could offer competitive contracts to several players. There was no free agency and no salary cap.

In a free agency/salary cap era it is almost impossible to match the two dynasties you mentioned in any sport. I think you have to adjust the definition of dynasty to fit the times. Let’s see if any of us are still alive the next time a team plays in 4 straight Grey Cups.


Heart = MTL
Head = WPG

Unless we can party like we’re the 2004 Argonauts riding a hot defence to championship gold, I can’t see my Als coming out on top. Winnipeg is a better team, top to bottom, and vastly more experienced than we are. Fajardo and Maas have a brutal record against WPG going back a few seasons now. I don’t think an upset is impossible but I think it is highly unlikely. I see Winnipeg going on to win the Cup and cement their dynasty status.

This year is already a win for Montreal, regardless of the Grey Cup result.


I can’t foresee which team has what but my foggy crystal ball shows 11-9, with 17 of those points scored by rouges.
Think I need to polish it up a bit.

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Both teams have outstanding defences so I predict a low scoring game.

So one big play, like a kick return TD or a pick six in the 4th quarter could decide it.

As an Als fan, the Bomber who concerns me the most? Willie Jefferson.

Considering that these writers picked the Als to finish last among the nine teams way back in week one, I would not put too much stock into their opinions.

Remember a lot of their picks were based off of home team percentages and some reeling teams.

But it is kind of funny that the Als were picked by these guys to finish 9th out of 9.