Prediction Mtl at BC ???


As an Als Fan watching how my team is doing these days, I can't wait for next saturdays game. I really really look foward to see how our new RB Edwars will react. I Think that this guys, i didn't check the stats, is the #1 in the yars/carry.

To all BC fans, if you have a chance to look at him live, it's worth it. Since my two new twins dougthers, i don't have extra time to watch as many games as I would like to, so, how's BC is doing against the running game ?

Before any sarcasm, I know you guys are 10-0.
What is your prediction ?

Als Fan

Lions are tops (or almost tops) against the run this year. I think we are #2 in the CFL at stopping it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Troy Davis was the only player to gain 100+ yards against us this season, and most of that was in garbage time. I am a Robert Edwards fan though. I am cheering for BC all the way but I hope It's a good game.

I know Montreal always has huge problems winning in BC. Don't quite remember the last time they won at the dome. They are not alone though, seems like no team can beat us at BC Place anymore.

Interesting stat here
BC is second with fewest net yards rushed 809
second in yards per game 89.9
First in fewest total rushes 138
But last in yards per carry 5.9

Montreal has had problems against BC but only for the last couple of years.
I am not making any predictions on this game but Hamilton ended a 15 game losing streak against Toronto last week, can Montreal end theirs as well?

I like Montreal just the way they are...just like our leash.
Now, be a good boy... 8)


Anything is possible...but I think Eskimo will end our streak...and besides itz in our dome :wink:

ree, the dome that has won us 13 straight games dating back to last season! Dome sweet dome!

After BC was the first team to beat the ALS the last two years in a row, don't discount the revenge factor in this one. The ALS are going to be salivating at the chance to return the favor. Don't forget, the last two years, the ALS were the ones with the bullseyes on their backs and the Lions were the ones that were hungry for the win. This year the roles are reversed.

The last Alouettes victory in BC Place was 1835 days ago. That speaks for itself. That's one big streak to break. BC's unbeaten streak is another one. Can Montreal snap two streaks at once? I'd love it, but I doubt it.

I think the score will probably be tied at around 20 after three quarters, then BC should win 45 to 23.

1835 days sounds a lot worst than 5 games don't you think

The thing about being undefeated or defending champs is that everyone gets up to play you and it's a lot tougher week in and week out with a bullseye on your back. Every week it get's just a little bigger. I think the Als will make a game of it, but BC will win in the end without the huge lead.

BC wins 27 - 23

I say BC will win in a walk
MTL is in decline
BC is on the rise
See playoffs of the last couple years

From my observations the Alouettes are on the rise. Look out Toronto for number one spot in the East. I predict the Als will host the Eastern Final.

My prediction for Mtl vs. B.C. is PAIN!! Pain for Matthews, Calvillo, Cahoon etc. B.C. is great at home and this one won't be close. B.C. 42 - Mtl. 18

This should be a good game. However, I think the Lions will win this one. If the Als defense only brings three and drop 9 into zone coverage, Dickenson will have time to throw and that is never a good thing for the opposition. With the Als in zone, you will see a lot of Clermont on crossing patterns and short passes in front of the coverage to Warren out of the backfield. If the Als bring the heat, I don’t think their DBs can match up in man coverage with the Lion receivers and Dickenson will find Simon and Thelwell long and over the middle. On defense, I think the Lions will successfully pressure Calvilo and that is the key to disrupting Montreal’s offense. Again, the Lions should win this one at home but in the CFL, who really knows?

Montreal is going to knock the Leos to their butt's and win, baby!