Prediction: lots of empty seats at the Grey Cup

It’s amazing how many tickets for the GC are now up for sale. Check out Lots of tickets have suddenly been put for sale in the past couple of hours.

If the GC was held in Edmonton there’s no way I’d give up my tickets even if the Esks weren’t in it. It would seem Vancouver is full of fairweather fans.

MONTREAL, fans went!



HUH :shock:

I don't know what the hell hellothere meant by that comment but the last time the Grey Cup was in Montreal, the Als were not in it and Montreal put on a fantastic Grey Cup with about 65000 people.

^^^ yup.

That's what Hello meant. Thanks for pointing that btw ! My Als werent there, but i was !

The 3 highest attendances in Grey Cup history were in Montreal

Yup 3 highest attended games in Grey Cup history all in Montreal 68000,65000,64000. what a terrible football town!

Where're you getting those numbers? From Turd?

I know the numbers, look it up if you want. And while we are on the topic Montreal pays almost 3 times what edmonton fans pays for tickets whether you believe it or not! And I don't give a rats a*s if you do.

...hmmm, a compelling case against the 'worst fans' thread......

...forget it, RW. Ain't worth it...

The Grey Cup attendance record is 68,318 in Montreal in 1977, a game the Alouettes won 41-6 over the Edmonton Eskimos at Olympic Stadium.

More than 65,000 are in attendance for the game -- the second best attendance ever for a Grey Cup game -- and the air inside Olympic Stadium is as hot as it is thick

When I find the 3rd I'll post it

The big crash you heard around 6:15 last night was our bandwagon crashing on Robson street.

The problem with Eski-Moses is he won't accept something is a fact unless it matches his own opinions, like he was some sort of living Bible.

Montreal holds the five top spots in the CFL attendance record books.

Want proof? Here you go dude. Just for you.

[url=] ... cords.html[/url]

Big O isn't so bad eh?

keep that sucker around.

Interesting fact I have been to 3 of the top 5 attended Grey Cup games.
And I had crappy seats for all of them.

I find it strange how in that link there are the two highest ever regular-season attendances in 1976 and in 1977 in Montreal, yet the team folded in 1981?

What's the deal there?

It was sold in between those 2 things to the Notorious Nelson Scalbania!!!!!! And he screwed up and abandoned the franchise and then Norm Kimball did the same in a different way, or vice versa? I forget! Scalbania wanted an NFL team and wrecked the Als.
Pretty well the same thing in baseball when Charles Bronfman sold the team to terrible and underfunded owners.